CA BBQ / Eugene Weston III

Modern Color, Eugene Weston III, Stan Hawk Brazier

Eugene Weston III Rendering


Maurice Martine sign and ephemera 

Shadow Pattern / \ Palmer and Krisel

Rocklite Brochure- Shadow-Pattern (front)

Rocklite Brochure- Shadow-Pattern (back)

Palmer and Krisel- Shadow-Pattern, Double Bevel
Sandpiper, Palm Desert 1958

Adding to the Pile

Herman Miller Ephemera
Alexander Girard Peruvian wool blanket for Braniff Airlines

in modern idiom: What does this coffee table say to you?

Baldessari / Eames

Eames Film : Communications Primer (1953)

John Baldessari : Painting over Photographs


Peck's Solar Seating System by Milo Baughman

Eames Facebook

Charles Eames / Facebook

Vista of California

Harrison McIntosh and Rupert Deese display
at the 1957 California Living show

Vista Furniture Company- Casual California Furniture, 1952