Palm Springs Fine Art Fair

Usually a Palm Springs Art Fair means Shag cartoons and neon palm trees.  The Palm Springs Fine Art Fair was far from that.
The first two paintings hung in the hallway entrance were this Gene Davis and the Thomas Downing below. Major stuff.

A really good and big Helen Frankenthaler

These Milton Avery paintings were in the same booth as the Frankenthaler. They had a bunch of great stuff.
If the gallery owner sold all the paintings in that booth, they could probably walked over to the 
Modernism show next door and bought half the show.

Ed Ruscha, "Las Palmas" belt on board.
The story I heard is that Ruscha made this for a girlfriend and when she kicked him out of her house, 
she sent him packing with the belt too. Now it's a $200k belt. 

Super realistic and creepy life size ballerina sculpture. 

Really creepy!

DeWain Valentine

Billy Al Bengston

More Billy Al Bengston

Billy Al Bengston in the flesh.

Cheech was there too