Turk / Falkenstein

Nice Claire Falkenstein you got there Trina Turk.
The Paul Evans sculpture isn't bad either.

Pepe Mendoza too?
Images: Bonnie Tsang for Matchbook Magazine

Oskar Fischinger / Animation

There's a great post about Oscar Fischinger on LACMA's blog.

Umanoff / Elton

Arthur Umanoff Swing Chair, distributed by Elton
Image:  wit + delight

Image: Reform

LBC / Vets

There was a special fifth Sunday Long Beach flea at Vets Stadium yesterday.

Picked up some clay

and a Japanese weaving.

Gainey Ceramics / Edwin Himself

Source: Edwin Himself

The Gainey company started in 1949 after John Gainey purchased the pottery he was employed at. They were making 
Sparkletts water bottles and dog bowls at the time. Gainey is still made in California. Learn more here.  

They produced Architectural Pottery's first designs before they had a facility of their own.  

Source: Edwin Himself

Fuck Your Eames / FYNCT

Fuck Your Eames Leg Splint

Fuck Your Noguchi Coffee Table is a pretty funny blog. It's where all these images came from.

Fuck Your Eames Rocker
Doubly so for this obvious knock off.

Fuck Your Eames Lounge Chair
Triply so for this bad knock off in white

Fuck Your Fake Taxidermy 
and Your Fake Eames Rocker

Fuck Your Eames Hang it All 
Times Two

Fuck Your Map 
and Your Eames Chairs
Actually, those look like nice vintage shells. 
They even stuck with H bases and didn't buy repro dowel bases.
They do have those lame glove molds. 

FRAME CLUSTER FRIDAY- Fuck Your Frame Cluster 
and Your Eames Chair

FRAME CLUSTER FRIDAY is my favorite.
TERRARIUM TUESDAY is pretty cool too.

FYNC advertise a poster with their namesake. I can't decide if it's a joke or a lame attempt to make a buck.
I hope it's a joke.

Lisa Cliff Collection / California Studio Jewels

Jack Boyd Bronze Necklace- Every lady needs a Boyd.
San Diego, California 

Lisa Cliff Collection has some insane California studio jewelry on 1stdibs

Doyle Lane Ceramic Disk Pendant- For the down to earth minimalist type who appreciates a good glaze.
Los Angeles, California 

Doyle Lane Ceramic Bead Pendant- Only a keeper would appreciate this. 
Los Angeles, California 

Esther Lewittes Sterling With Gold Wash Ring- For that lady who is sophisticated and complex (in a good way).   
Los Angeles, California 

J. Arnold Frew Amethyst, Pearl and Gold Ring - For the high maintenance pisces in your life. 
 Arcadia, California

Dirty Little Secret

I have an owl collection. So what.
A few of them are whistles and the biggest one is a lantern.
They're by Marg Loring.

What's So California About California Design?

Bill Stern, who served as consulting curator for California Design, 1930-1965: "Living in a Modern Way," 
at LACMA through June 3, will discuss how local materials, war industries, and a burgeoning population 
conspired to make California - America's cultural frontier - a preeminent source of new products and new 
looks for the entire nation. He will demonstrate how distinctively California circumstances, including a gold rush, 
an earthquake, a depression and a world war, combined with the state's unique confluence of cultural influences - 
Spanish Colonial, Spanish-Moorish, Mexican, European, Chinese and Japanese - to inspire an astonishing 
surge of design innovation. 

P.S. Even though this is an open-seating event, it would be helpful for us to know if you are planning to attend it.

        Reply to: lacmatalk@mocad.org

Palm Springs / Studio 111

Ceramic Sculpture By Veralee Bassler at Studio 111


 X-21 was a legendary shop on Valencia

I miss it.

Image: Flickr

This is what's in the old X-21 space now. So sad.

Brand spanking new knock off Tackett egghead condom holders, Made in China, 
This is probably my least favorite Tackett design, but still.
These are at a shop called Therapy.

CB2 knocks off VKG

Tradesman - On the best block in San Francisco.
Marc always has a tight looking shop.

Artist Rex Ray thinks it's a great block too. 

Hey Farsworth! That guy stocks some good stuff. 

The parklet outside Four Barrel Coffee, which is also on the 300 block of Valencia. 
San Francisco is a pioneer with their use of parklets.  A couple parking spaces are converted into a place where 
people and bikes hang out instead of parked cars.


Fiat 500 on Market

Another Fiat

Eames / Ebay

Purple contract color - that's pretty rare

Source: Ebay

1939 Kleinhans chair by Eames and Saarinen. 
It was up for a day and like many good things on ebay, gone the next.

Source: Ebay

Bastardized Frankeneames

Source: Ebay

Lovely merchandising for this DTM

Source: Ebay

Source: Ebay

Olga Lee

 Olga Lee and husband Milo Baughman

The Baughman-Lee showroom was located at 744 1/2 North La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles
They were a full service design and decorating operation. Their line included furniture, fabric and wallpaper. 

 Olga Lee and Milo Baughman both designed for the short-lived designers' plan.

Where can I get one of those?

Olga Lee screen-printed fabric "Elements"

Olga Lee screen-printed fabric "Elements"

Olga Lee lamp for Ralph O Smith
Collection of LACMA