Art San Diego 2012 / Contemporary Art Fair

Dave Hampton / Objects USA at ART SAN DIEGO 2012
Hampton brought out some great artwork by Fred Holle, James Hubbell, Sheldon Kirby, Bob Matheny and Russell Baldwin. 

Erik Gronborg ceramics Objects USA
There's a Gronborg exhibit going on in Portland right now at the Museum of Contemporary Crafts: Refelecting on Erik Gronborg

 Eames! Massive Gronborg piece too. 

Those are more James Hubbell sculptures on the wood pedestal. I really like that smaller Fred Holle back there on the left. / Objects USA
The Eames rocker and LCM are nice early ones.
I hope that's a deal closing handshake / Boomerang for Modern

Kay Whitcomb enamel plaque / Boomerang for Modern

Richard Allen Morris drawing / RB Stevenson

Arline Fisch sculptures / Taboo Studio  

Photo of Arline Fisch / Taboo Studio
I bet she wore that shirt to match the sculpture. She's cool like that.

Sol LeWitt / Quint

Sol LeWitt / Quint

  There's some interesting contemporary art at the fair too.  I like these little ones, especially the wire piece.
I blew it and can't remember the artist or the gallery.