Label Whores / 1stdibs

Greta Grossman / Ralph O. Smith / Good Design
Source: Sputnik

INCO / For the REST of your life...
Source: 20cDesign

Charles Eames / Shipped From Venice California
Source: Zig Zag


Portland / Art Museum

Portland / Expo

Pre-Antique Show parking lot swap meet at the Portland Expo Center 

This pretty much sums up the parking lot scene

The Portland Expo Center, over 1,000 dealers in two buildings. 
One of the old timers told me it used to be in three buildings.

$30 gets you in during set up. These are the few scraps of modern in the whole place.

There was a booth that had some cool pots. That's an Andrew Bergloff on the left.  All but the blue one are by Henry Takemoto.

I picked up a small pile of things at the show, which included this wood piece.


Portland SW to SE

The promotional materials for the garden declare it as the most authentic Japanese garden outside of Japan.

I did a little shopping, which included The Good Mod. It takes up almost the entire top floor of this building. 

This is what you get after a maze of hallways and a ride up a kinda sketchy elevator.
Out of the all the shops in Portland The Good Mod had the best stock. It's a great space but nothing for me.

Maurice / Maurice

Maurice Grossman face vases

Bitters / Ten10

Ten10 just busted out some great vintage Stan Bitters ceramics. 
Here's an early 1960s ceramic wall sculpture.

Stan Bitters chimnea from the early 1960s.  
The sculpture can be electrified, or illuminated by candles. 

This thing is out of control.

The glowing chimnea...

Nice old pinch pot.
This stuff is for sale! What are you waiting for? 

Scripps College / Exhibitions

Architecture / design exhibition at Scripps College.
That's a pretty cool Abel Sorenson tray table.
Source: Scripps College Photo Archives, hosted by Luna

Angelo Testa and Alvin Lustig textiles in the mix

Those are John Lautner and JB Davidson display boards in the back.

Look at all that VKG. Did any of those sun shades survive?
The refractory table with the stools is a good look. 

Textiles- "Pavement" by Irving Harper / Nelson Office and "Sea Things" by Ray Eames, among others.


Documenting Modernism / Miller House

Commissioned by industrialist J. Irwin Miller and his wife Xenia Simons Miller in 1953, the 
Miller house was designed by Eero Saarinen, with interiors by Alexander Girard and 
landscape design by Daniel Urban Kiley. 

The Millers

The National Endowment for the Humanities awarded the Indianapolis Museum of Art $190,000 
for its project “Documenting Modern Living: Digitizing the Miller House and Garden Collection.” 

The Miller House and Garden Collection includes correspondence, drawings and blueprints, 
textile samples, and photographs that document design, construction, and maintenance of the 
Miller House and Garden in Columbus, Indiana.
More information is available from the IMA.

I guess if you have Alexander Girard doing your interior you get some pull with Herman Miller, like
the option of having an Eames Time-Life chair with a brass finish. The Eames Sofa Compact 
in brass can be seen in the top two images above. 

Alexander Girard, Quatrefoil