Scottsdale / Designer-Craftsmen

With my handy guide, Arizona Designer-Craftsmen: In the Beginning, by Dave Hampton, 
I hit the streets of Scottsdale to see the designer-craftsmen sites.

 The Kiva Crafts Center was built in 1955 by Lloyd Kiva New. The center was designed by T.S. Montgomery.
The center looks much the same as is did in this 1965 image from Arizona Designer-Craftsmen: In the Beginning.

The center was home to studios by some of the top artists, craftsmen and designers from the area.  Dick Seeger had his design 
gallery there, as did Charles and Otellie Loloma and of course Lloyd Kiva. 

Lloyd Kiva New and an ad from his shop. 
Source: Arizona Designer-Craftsmen: In the Beginning, by Dave Hampton

Lloyd Kiva shop
Source: Beyond Buckskin (Great article on Lloyd Kiva New)
Source: Life, 1956

The Kiva Crafts Center isn't really the hotbed of Scottsdale craft and design anymore.
 The bad 80s sign is unfortunate.

Original mosaic still on the rear building at the Kiva Crafts Center

This is hiding around the back. 

Along with the artistic boom in Scottsdale came a migration of well-heeled residents, including this family from California.
The MacPhersons can be seen here dining on this Circle Furniture set behind their custom-built home with 
views of Camelback Mountain.  Circle Furniture was a Gelndora California furniture company. 
Source: Life, 1956

Also constructed in 1956 was the Hotel Valley Ho Resort. The architect was Edward L. Varney and Associates. 

The Valley Ho today. The large tower was built in 2007.

The property has been "updated" and for the most part it was done really well. They could have toned the retro-fying down a bit, 
particularly in the lobby.  I'd definitely stay there again. Anyplace that has an Alexander Girard pillow on the bed is good in my book.

Tackett and Saarinen in the hotel restaurant.

There are still plenty of places to get your turquoise out there.