Berkeley / Conover

Luther Conover with the Berkeley in the background. 
Conover operated his Trade Fair gift shop aboard the Berkeley from 1960-1973.

Photo: CA Modern magazine

Yes, that Luther Conover

The Berkeley was built in 1898 and operated as a San Francisco ferry until it was retired in 1958. 

Conover was a boat enthusiast. He purchased the Berkeley in 1959 and according to historic preservation documentation
he saved the vessel from being converted into a marine animal processing plant . It's noted in that he took very good care 
of it during the time he owned it. The ship-shop was located at the Northwest Pacific Railroad ferry slip in Sausalito.

More than you ever wanted to know about the Berkeley can be found here.

Trade Fair Catalog

Photo: CA Modern magazine

In 1973 Conover sold the Berkeley to the San Diego Maritime Museum for $100,000. It was towed 455 miles to San Diego 
where it was restored.  The Berkeley is still in San Diego and is now a "museumvessel" owned by the San Diego Maritime Museum. 

Conover's Trade Fair gift shop

Photo: CA Modern magazine

The Berkeley today

Conover making sales

Photo: CA Modern magazine

The Berkeley still has a shop, though no cool Trade Fair gear. There wasn't even a Berkeley t-shirt, 
you know to impress my Pacifica aficionado friends.  


I was hoping to find some remnants of Conover onboard but this expanded metal was the closest thing I could find.
Maybe Muriel? Yeah, I doubt it. 

I'm pretty sure that Hallicrafters radio on top was designed by Raymond Loewy

My souvenir