Watch this Space / Lustig House

Up until recently, there was only one known Alvin Lustig house and that was the June Wayne House.  Now, there's two. 
Through the detective work of the house's new owner, Andrew Romano, and the previous owner, Andy Hackman, 
there seems to be enough evidence to prove that Lustig designed the above house in Silver Lake 
for William H. Thomas, who ended up running JBL (a company Lustig did design work for).

If it wasn't for Andy, who has been a vanguard in the California Modern arena since before I probably
even knew who Charles Eames was, and Andrew, who brings his impressive research skills
and obvious passion for Lustig, this major find might have never come to light.  I'm really looking forward to 
seeing this story unfold. 

Andrew will be documenting the project here: Lustig House

The Lustig-designed bathroom tiles in the house. 

All images: Lustig House