Bakersfield / More Modern

Sill Building by Charles Franklin Henry and Ernest Joseph Kump Jr., 1939

Clock and directory in the lobby.
The Sill family still owns and manages the building. They take amazing care of it. 

One of the best floor markers Iv'e ever seen. 

Hans Sumpf Sculpted ceramic wall, most likely designed by John Bennett.  This was an unexpected find.

It's located downtown, on the City of Bakersfield Community Development Department building.

Hans Sumpf  pots

Bakersfield also has some fine examples of mid-century architecture designed by local folks, but that will have to wait for the next trip.  

I'd like to thank David Coffey for taking the time to show me his Neutra house and for schooling me on what Bakersfield has to offer.  For my lesson, he didn't actually make me sit at the Raymond Loewy desk he has on display at his Modern Office Environments showroom, but I would have.
Along with the Loewy stuff, he has a Vespa on dispaly in the showroom. He really knows what's up.