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Risom, Tackett, and Tuttle


Malcolm Leland prototype bird shelter

Eames Tray/Ephemera

Maurice Martine - that's all you get to see for now.

Malcolm Leland / Gates

ArtStop by James Grebl, Ph.D.,Manager of Library and Archives at The San Diego Museum of Art, and discusses Malcolm Leland in the The May S. Marcy Sculpture Garden.

Tackett / Thursday

Sculpture Court / Topless

San Diego fine Arts Gallery, West Wing (1966) by Mosher & Drew

Notice anything different? Yes, the Claire Falkenstein is back, but look higher...

The canopy roof is gone and the sun is shining on the Malcolm Leland bronze fascia.

This is the what it usually looks like. That top hides what the real architecture is supposed to look like.  
Apparently, the wind damaged the canvas and it was removed. 
Yes, you can have your wedding party amongst Louise Nevelson and Claire Falkenstein.
Source: Concept Events

Or if you're into something with a little less commitment, you could just have lunch there. 

Let's hope they keep the top off. It's how it was designed to be and it looks so good.
The gates were designed by Malcolm Leland.
Source: Julius Shulman, 1968

The wildlife also seems to like it better this way. 
More about the sculpture court and garden can be found here and here.

 The Timken Museum (1965) by Frank L. Hope and Associates (again). More here

Millard Sheets / Studio

In 1953 Millard Sheets designed a studio and office complex for his bustling mural business, Claremont, CA.

Millard Sheets Studio, 1958
Source: Adam Arenson

Curbed LA toured the inside a couple years ago. Read the post here
The complex is now a medical office. 
Source: Curbed LA

Here is an example of Sheet's mural work in La Mesa. The photo was taken by my friend Iris.

Source: Flickr

Weekend / Stuff

Bunk weekend of shopping

Theology / Stone

Kresge Chapel at the Claremont School of Theology by Edward Durell Stone (1957)

Fullerton / Architecture

Pollak Library at California State University, Fullerton by Howard van Heuklyn (1966). 
Howard designed all the cool 60s buildings on campus.

Pollak Library

Pollak Library

Pollak Library

Joseph Clark Performing Arts Center

Joseph Clark Performing Arts Center

Business Administration

Business Administration

Business Administration

Titan Gym

There was some sort of sports tournament going at the gym so I couldn't get very good photos of the structure, or the Claire Falkenstein sculpture (1965).
These ladies thought I was weird for taking photos of the scrap metal on the wall.

The Hope International Christian University by Eldon Davis is across the street from CSU Fullerton. 
Davis also designed the Norms Restaurants around Los Angeles. He is considered one of the the fathers of Googie.