Lawenda / Not Lawenda

Sofa, tables, and lamp by Harry Lawenda for Kneedler-Fauchere

My new Lawenda lamp

Kneedler-Fauchere ad (more on them here)
This was an expensive lamp. $80 in 1952 equals about $700 today.

The lamp with the triangular base (although the top looks square  so I'm not sure how the base is triangular) is by Lawenda. The one to the left is by Paul Mayen.
Although the form is similar, this lamp was NOT designed by Harry Lawenda. It was produced by Verplex. Tony Paul designed lamps for Verplex, though I don't know if he designed this particular model. In the eBay listing these photos came from, the description explains the seller's mom said the lamp was designed by Tony Paul. I guess that's a better source than some sellers use. I still have my doubts.
Source: eBay

The lamp is marked Verplex in two places and the shade is also marked Verplex.

Source: eBay

Verplex was based in Essex, Connecticut.

The construction of the base is the most obvious difference between the Verplex and Kneedler-Fauchere productions.  
This is the Verplex base.

The Lawenda/Kneedler-Fauchere lamp has a more solid and handmade feel to it. 

Top of the Kneedler-Fauchere lamp

Verplex had a "mass-market" approach, as seen here in their advertisement for "RODISCO".  
Source: TV Lamps