Schindler / Droste House

Droste House by R.M. Schindler (1940)
This was part of a tour conducted by the MAK Center

The Droste House has been slightly under the radar for some years. In this case, that turned out to be a good thing. Of all the houses on the MAK tour, it was in the most original condition. Eric Lamers, who specializes in Schindler restorations, was running around soaking up all the unmolested glory of the cabinetry, built-ins and finishes.  The Schindler nerds were in heaven.
Julius Shulman went for a look in 1978. The photo was commissioned by realtor and architecture preservationist Bob Crane
Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

Living room, 1978
Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

 It was looking a little shabby in 1995.  
A little deferred maintenance beats a bad remodel any day. 

Source: Flickr

The nook upstairs is the kitchen and eating area.
It's interesting to note that even though the ceilings are pitched gables, the roof line appears flat from the outside. 

Schindler really knew how to maximize space. As evident from this cabinet in one of the bedrooms upstairs.  

Vanity built off a closet in another bedroom.

View of the vanity/closet from the back.

View of the Silver Lake reservoir from the bedroom balcony. It's where the two guys are standing in the photo below. 

Hey there.

More Schindler on the the way...