Bakersfield Built / Architecture in the 1930s

Bakersfield Built: Architecture in the 1930s 
Exhibition, Symposium and TourFriday, October 24th and Saturday, October 25th, 2014   This fall, Bakersfield's leading academic and cultural institutions are coming together to celebrate an overlooked aspect of the city's legacy: its architectural heritage. 2014 marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of John Steinbeck's 1939 classic, "The Grapes of Wrath." As part of that celebration, "Bakersfield Built: Architecture of the 1930s" will mount the first exhibition, symposium, and architecture tour of its kind in Bakersfield. 
The cornerstone of the project is an exhibition of architectural drawings, photographs and other archival materials about Bakersfield architecture during the 1930s. The exhibit will be augmented by a symposium on Saturday, October 25th featuring SAH/SCC Members, Sian Winship, Barbara Lamprecht and Ken Breisch.
That same afternoon, symposium participants will be invited to visit the finest examples of Bakersfield architecture in the 1930s-many of which have not been opened to the public for years. They include the Clarence Cullimore Residence (1930, Clarence Cullimore, Sr.), the Zimmer Residence (1937, Clarence Cullimore, Sr.), the Maguire Residence (1939-40, Franklin and Kump) and the Davis Residence (1936-7, Richard Neutra). 
Complementary/free exhibition opening on Friday night, October 24th at 5-7:30 PM. Tickets Symposium/Home Tour on Saturday, October 25th (9:00AM-5:00PM) are $65 and available for purchase at the CSUB website.
The tour includes an opportunity to get through this door. The Davis Residence by Richard Neutra.

Weekend / Stuff

Maurice Martine

The trio is now complete. 
More info here

Tackett Fish

It got a little pop-ish this weekend. Paul Mayen, Jo Hammerborg, and clock by George J. Sowden and Nathalie Du Pasquie

Kay / Bob

In the Realm of Nature is a retrospective exhibition of work by the married legends of craft, Kay Sekimachi (1926-) and Bob Stocksdale (1913-2003). The exhibition is on view at the Mingei until March 15, 2015. 
Bob Stocksdale

Kay Sekimachi monofilament fiber sculptures

Bob Stocksdale, in wenge

Furniture by Stocksdale is hard to come by.  This one belongs to Kay.


Bob and Kay at work

There's a hefty book with the same title as the exhibition. The Mingei has left one out on the Nakashima bench for a full craft experience.

Weekend / Stuff

John Keal for Pacific Iron and Gross Wood


Tackett / Thursday

La Gardo Studio

Matheny / Words

In 1966, Bob Matheny made a small number of word sculptures related to anti-Vietnam war protests. Bob recalls donating  “Hate," “Win,” and “Bomb 'Em” to auctions to raise money to protest the war. 
All images:  Bob Matheny


The sculptures were part of a series of letter and number works Bob did between 1965 and 1969. 
Read more about the series on Bob's website.

More of Matheny's work can be seen at the Spitting In The Wind exhibition, currently on view at OMA.
↑ Bob has framed a message for you if don't go see this exhibition. ↑  

Photo: Darren Bradley

Weekend / Stuff

Ben Goo

Some weekends are better than others. 
This is one of the better ones...

Bomb 'em & Kill 'em (1966) by Bob Matheny

Jack Boyd silver, wood and turquoise necklace.

Harry Weese slat bench.
Please forgive the hack art photography.

Evelyn Ackerman, on canvas...on Weese

David Cressey and Eames

David Cressey for Architectural Pottery


Work from the 60s 
Opening Reception is Saturday, September 13th from 5 - 8 pm

 It runs from September 13 - October 25, 2014
Be there or else.

Read more here

Tackett / Thursday

La Gardo Tackett   : ) 

Spitting / Site

Spitting in the Wind: Art from the End of the Line now has a website 
Exhibition photo by Darren Bradley

Photo by Edwin Negado

Photo by Darren Bradley

You'll be sorry if you miss this exhibition.

Weekend / Stuff

Might as well start with the thing I'm most excited about--an insane c.1959 Henry Takemoto ceramic platter. 

Henry Takemoto

Henry Takemoto and Peter Voulkos at Otis in 1959

Bringing San Diego ceramics back from the Bay Area-- Marg Loring and David Stewart

Dansk/Quistgaard in wenge

The kids these days love the teak