Ackerman / Hand in Hand

The book signing for Hand-In-Hand at Reform Gallery was quite an event.

 The authors, Dan Chavkin and Lisa Thackberry, and Jerome Ackerman were on hand (ha) to sign books. 

Evelyn and Jerome

Enamel by Evelyn and JENEV ceramics

Jerry Ackerman with Gerard (Reform Gallery owner). 
Gerard is the like kid who gets to hang out with his favorite ball players. Though in this case he's a California fan, not the Yankees. 

This was after the crowd thinned out quite a bit.  At one point, people were spilling out onto the street.

Here's the book.

It was a book signing after all.

I'm pretty jealous of Jerry's California Design catalog collection. I need that top one.

The book has tons of process-related ephemera and historical images.

Dan and Lisa did a fantastic on the book. I highly recommend getting a copy.
More information can be found at Pointed Leaf.