Beadle / Arizona Architecture

Triad Apartments by Al Beadle (1963). 
CSA #1 is the only Arts & Architecture Case Study program project built in Arizona.

It consists of three 840 square feet units. The project was planned to be a total of 80 units. That didn't happen. 

Triad Apartments in 1963
Source: Gerald Duchscherer. Courtesy ASU Special Collections via Meet the Beadles by Peter J. Wolf, Modernism Magazine

They should think about putting that bench back in. The Tackett AP too.

It looks like they smuggled some VKG across the CA/AZ border. 

Triad Apartments rendering

Three Fountains by Al Beadle (1963)

This project has 59 units

Is it just me or is Beadle the Killingsworth of the desert?

A Beadle deserves better than this knock off Soleri bell. Cosanti is only a half hour away!

 I went here again. Beadle Residence 6 / White Gates (1958)

This place is so dreamy. More on White Gates here.
Uhlmann Residence, which is next to White Gates.

The house was built for the owners of the Safari Hotel

Wosco /12th Street Office Building (1985)
Beadle was still good in the 80s. 

Interior courtyard at Wosco

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