First Christian / Eliel Saarinen

First Christian Church (1942) by Eliel Saarinen
This was the first "modern" building in Columbus. It was Irwin Miller who suggested to his aunt (the wife of the church's Pastor) that the church be designed by a modern architect. The Henry Moore sculpture came much later and is actually more related to the I.M. Pei library across the street. It sure makes for a nice photo.
Charles Eames rendering of Eliel Saarinen-designed church.
Source: Courtesy Cranbrook Archives

1939 construction
Source: Courtesy Cranbrook Archives

Many of the interior details were designed by Eero Saarinen and Charles Eames. I didn't go inside, but my friend Darren did. He takes better photos than I do anyway. 
Photo: Darren Bradley, via Modernist Architecture 

This is the tapestry on the side of the alter, “Sermon on the Mount”. It was designed by Eleil Saarinen and woven by his wife Loja and two Finnish weavers at the Cranbrook Academy. Here it is being worked on in the Saarinen home studio at Cranbrook.
Source: Courtesy Cranbrook Archives
That lighting fixture really is heavenly. 

This area was originally a pool.

Source: Courtesy Cranbrook Archives

The Paul Rand "Dancing C" bike racks are all over town. 
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