North Christian / Eero Saarinen

North Christian Church (1964) by Eero Saarinen
"On this site, with this kind of central plan, I think I would like to make the church really all one form: all the tower. There would be the gradual building up of the sheltering, hovering planes becoming the spire. The spire would not be put on a box or come up from the sides of the roof, as we did at Stephens College. The whole thing, all the planes, would grow up organically into the spire" — Eero Saarinen
The gang from the Miller House all got back together for this one. Dan Kiley (landscape architect) and Alexandar Girard worked with Eero on the design. Irwin Miller, Columbus's #1 modern architecture fan, was on the building committee for the church.

The "Living Cross" behind the pulpit was designed by Alexandar Girard and made by Marilyn Neuhart

Alexandar Girard-designed candelabra

The pool

Saarinen-designed seating

Eames and Risom in the library.

"When I face St. Peter I am able to say that out of the buildings I did during my lifetime, one of the best was this little church, because it has in it a real spirit that speaks forth to all Christians as a witness to their faith" — Eero Saarinen
Eero died in 1961, before the church was completed. I'm pretty sure he got in.
North Christian has posted a number of historic photos, here.