Palm Springs Modernism / 2016

Objects USA booth at the 2016 Palm Springs Modernism show and sale.


Dharam Damama

The Damamas are the coolest. They have cool stuff too. 

Red Modern from Phoenix

Sputnik Modern from Dallas brought some power inventory.

Lisa Cliff Collection

San Diego's finest

Billiings also had a display of work by Rafe Affleck in the lobby. Keep an eye on these guys. They're digging up some cool stuff.

The Landing was showing J.B. Blunk at the Fine Art Fair, which is in the same building. 

John Mason and Craig Kaufman at Frank Lloyd Gallery 

John Mason

They were also showing Larry the flesh. He was given a lifetime achievement award.

Lacoste Gallery had some great clay. The monster in the front is by Karen Karnes. 

There were a number of contemporary paintings of modern architecture, including this one of Neutra's Kaufmann House

Weekend / Stuff

Roy McMakin / Domestic Furniture Company, for Heath

Bench from Japan



Modernism / Palm Springs

It's February, so that means it's time to go to Palm Springs. 
Find out more about the show, here.

Palm Springs Modernism Week is not just about buying junk. There are tons of great events, including a talk by my buddy Darren Bradley, who is part of an event called The New Photographers of Mid-Century Modern Architecture. It takes place on February 19. Find out more, here.
Photo: Edris Residence Architect: E. Stewart Williams, by Darren Bradley 

Photographer Dan Chavkin will be part of The New Photographers talk as well.  He also has new book, Unseen Midcentury Desert Modern, which includes architecture that has been largely unseen or overlooked. He'll be doing a book signing on February 14th. Go here for more information.
Photo Lilliana Gardens Glass House. Architects: Donald Wexler and Richard Harrison. 1954, by Dan Chavkin

On Monday, February 15th, Amy Auscherman, Herman Miller’s Corporate Archivist will be presenting From The Vault – The Herman Miller Archives. More on that, here.

Speaking of archives, our buddies at Archive will also be opening a shop in the desert for the whole month of February.

W.A. Sarmiento / Phoenix

     Western Savings, now Souper Salad (1974) by Wenceslao Alfonso aka W.A. Sarmiento 
The Peruvian-born architect studied under Oscar Niemeyer. I'm sure that's no surprise after seeing his work. W.A. spent much of his career building banks for an outfit with the not so original name of Bank Building & Equipment Corp. of America. He landed the job after getting in a car accident with an architect who worked at the company.
Phoenix Financial Center (1964-70) by W.A. Sarmiento 

This is at the top of the dome above. 

Source: Recent Past

That pot bums me out.

The original plan called for two towers.

Source: Recent Past

Oh well.

Source: Recent Past

Sadly, these aren't in use anymore. 

Sarmiento designed some great banks. This was in New Jersey.  
Banks are so boring now. 

Read more about him, here.