Tackett / Thursday

Schindler Church / For Sale

Remember the Bethlehem Baptist Church (1944) by R.M. Schindler?

It's for sale through Crosby Doe

If you have $1.8 million and need a church, this is your chance.

Source: Schindler Church 

The Church of Modern Architecture has a nice ring to it. Come pray to Saint Esther McCoy!

Source: Schindler Church 

an Eames anthology / Book

an Eames anthology is a  selection of articles, film scripts, interviews, letters, reports, notes, and speeches by Charles and Ray Eames and edited by Daniel Ostroff. The book explores the "Eames process" of problem solving and their role as educators and communicators of ideas. 

Chair design is explored through a transcribed narration of a television show Charles and Ray appeared on and notes prepared by Charles.

 Case Study House 8

Charles on knock-offs

Using the words of Charles and Ray was a genius approach by Ostroff. 
I highly recommend getting this book.

Weekend / Stuff

Robinson Jeffers by William Van Wyck (1938). 
The first book project by Alvin Lustig. Only 250 were printed.

The Ward Ritchie Press did the printing.

I found these vacation photos of an unknown family who went to the Wayfarers Chapel by Lloyd Wright and to Long Beach.  Why I bought them, I have no idea.

Salk / Equinox

Salk Institute for Biological Studies (1962) by Louis Kahn- La Jolla. The plaza was designed in collaboration with Mexican architect Luis Barragan. Kahn invited Barragan to the project after seeing his work at MoMA in New York. Barragan suggested the plaza should consist of a single water feature, free of plant life and dirt. 
The design also includes a feature where the twice a year equinox sunset lines up perfectly with the channel.
Apparently, it's not a secret.

The clouds weren't cooperating, but the sun did peep through for a bit and sure enough, it lined up exactly with the channel.

More on the Salk, here

Tackett / Thursday

Tackett close-ups were blowing up on Instagram today.

Tijuana / Modern

The US / Mexico border gets political. They're watching too.

Mexico / US

Bull ring in Playas de Tijuana. Not a fan, but the structure is cool.

Contemporary architecture in Playas

A lot of great places are popping up in TJ.  Bresca is one of them.

Bresca means honey comb. Get it?

You have no idea!

A food pic, really? What's next, some DIY tips and my hot picks for next season?
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