ASU Ceramic Museum / Gronborg

"Statement Piece: Erik Gronborg and Ehren Tool” 

The Gronborg section


 Gronborg with Ehren Tool in the background.
Right before this, a mysterious person came out of a back room to tell the docent on duty to tell me that I couldn't take photos with my camera. I could only use my phone. Anyway, the rest of the photos of the Gronborg pieces and all of the Ehren Tool pieces came out so bad that I didn't post them. It's always better in person anyway. The exhibition runs through November 21st.
Robert Arneson

Here are the blurry images of the museum's permanent collection. 

June Kaneko

Takaezu Toshiko

There were a number of these Karen Karnes ceramic chairs around the gallery

Marilyn Levine clay bag

Peter Voulkos says hi

This Soleri bell was donated by Ben goo

Hans Coper. They have a ton of Lucie Rie on display too.

June Kaneko

Henry Takemoto

Ken Price

Ron Nagle

The museum's permanent collection is incredible. Also on display, were pieces by the Natzlers, Heinos, Conover, and it goes on and on.

Tackett / Thursday

La Gardo Tackett for Architectural Pottery

Center of The World / Granite

The Center of the World
Felicity, CA

Felicity is also the home of the Museum of History in Granite
There are 922 granite panels installed, 700 are etched with history and the rest will document future events.

The Church on the Hill
The 150,000 ton "hill of prayer" is man made.

The graveyard behind the church

Staiway to?

Learn more at History in Granite

Weekend / Stuff

Alvin Lustig chair for Paramount Furniture in Los Angeles. I can't wait to get the awful 90s green suede off.

Lamps, including Gross Wood and Heifetz

Clay, including Beato and David Stewart

Tanya Aguiniga / JF Chen

Tanya Aguiniga fiber sculpture at JF Chen

More Tanya

The Clair Graham room

I really wanted to take this Lester Geis Heietz lamp

This Mitchell Bobrick Controlight too