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La Gardo Tackett / Architectural Pottery

It was a Tackett / AP sort of a weekend. 

From the Architectural Pottery Pro Artisan catalog: “….a pleasing sculpture, David Cressey provides a form that functions equally well for cigarettes or as a holder of clips, rubber bands and other desk-top requirements.”
It was raining Ferris Shacknove baskets this weekend. 
Designed by Andree Ferris and Reta Shacknove.

The literary section

Karl Lightfoot for Lightfoot Studio

Lightfoot Studio, 1949

Tackett / Thursday

Paolo Soleri / Architecture

Arcosanti (1970- )

An Urban Laboratory



Cosanti (1956-1974)

See what's inside--here.

A super special assembly. 

Barrel Vault at Cosanti (1968-71)

Gates in front of the DeConcini house in Phoenix, Az by Paolo Soleri (1981)

See more here.

Paolo Soleri Bridge and Plaza (2010)

More on the bridge here.

The great Paolo Soleri

Frey / By-The-Sea

Saint Michael's By-The-Sea Church in Carlsbad, CA by Albert Frey & Robson Chambers (1958)

 You'll notice the similarity to the Albert Frey & Robson Chambers designed Tramway Gas Station in Palm Springs. Though, the gas station seems to pointing to the heavens and the church, elsewhere. The architectural icon of Palm Springs was built in 1965--seven years after the church was built. 
Source:  Palm Springs Historical Society

In regard to the design of the new church, the Architects stated, “We were asked to create an economical church building that would be original in design, permanent in materials, and deeply religious in feeling. In addition, the building was to be planned for a future enlargement to 350 seats, with the Sanctuary and service facilities sized for the ultimate church. The simple, unadorned structure of reinforced concrete block and exposed wood beams reflects the honest strength and serenity of the building. The design elements are created to express the traditional and liturgical requirements of the Church and the character of the historical California Coast-lands.” - Quote from the program of the FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEDICATION OF ST. MICHAEL’S CHURCH BY-THE-SEA

Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute

This side was altered later.


Weekend / Stuff

Alvin Lustig cover for  New Directions : New Classics 25 -- Poems, Wilfred Owen
One spendy volume left.

Roland Smith lamp

Fancy French sculpture book

I stayed local, so the pile was light.

Beadle / Arizona Architecture

Triad Apartments by Al Beadle (1963). 
CSA #1 is the only Arts & Architecture Case Study program project built in Arizona.

It consists of three 840 square feet units. The project was planned to be a total of 80 units. That didn't happen. 

Triad Apartments in 1963
Source: Gerald Duchscherer. Courtesy ASU Special Collections via Meet the Beadles by Peter J. Wolf, Modernism Magazine

They should think about putting that bench back in. The Tackett AP too.

It looks like they smuggled some VKG across the CA/AZ border. 

Triad Apartments rendering

Three Fountains by Al Beadle (1963)

This project has 59 units

Is it just me or is Beadle the Killingsworth of the desert?

A Beadle deserves better than this knock off Soleri bell. Cosanti is only a half hour away!

 I went here again. Beadle Residence 6 / White Gates (1958)

This place is so dreamy. More on White Gates here.
Uhlmann Residence, which is next to White Gates.

The house was built for the owners of the Safari Hotel

Wosco /12th Street Office Building (1985)
Beadle was still good in the 80s. 

Interior courtyard at Wosco

More on Beadle here and here