Weekend / Stuff

Arthur Umanoff side tables, La Gardo Tackett, and a bench from Japan

Stilux Saturn Lamp from Italy

Jerry Glaser Bowls

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Ottoman


LAMA Auction / May 2017

LAMA Preview for the May 21 Art and Design auction

Here we have a Van Keppel Green table and a KEM Weber Airline chair for Disney

Claire Falkenstein ceramic sculpture from 1939

Ken Price cup

Ken Price cup on paper

Greta Grossman

Monster Beato mural above a monster Nakashima cabinet

Nice tie in with the Natzler pieces below their former student's work. 

George Nelson Catenary Group. A set like this doesn't show up very often. 

Emerson  Woelffer and Jerome Kirk

Richard Allen Morris

Alvin Lustig chair for Paramount Furniture. They were made to order and about 50 were produced.
This should be interesting.

Weekend /Stuff

Bulmore and Kurt Versen on Japanese tables

The build quality of Bulmore lamps is incredible. This thing is so heavy! Dudley Bulmore and his son Robert ran the San Francisco company.

Jun Kaneko cup

Japanese metal

Soleri special assembly bell

Hippie Modernism / The Struggle for Utopia

Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia at The Berkeley Art Museum

The exhibition explores the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s and its impact on art, architecture, and design.

J.B. Blunk and Lenore Tawney

The sign should have read Reform. The Landing/Reform has long been championing Blunk for over a decade and featured Tawney in an exhibition last year.

Gorilla Graphics and Kamikaze Design, 1970

The 50s modernists failed at creating a utopia with the Le Corbusier approach, so the hippies went small.

Ettore Sottsass architectural concepts from the early 70s

The Post-Modernist attempt at utopia took the hamster tube approach. So much cuter than the rat race.

It reminds me of L. Frances Smith Elementary School (1969) by John M. Johnson.

Weekend / Stuff

Japanese lamp

Eames, Alexander Girard, Herman Miller

Clay, including Myrton Purkiss and Amy Donaldson

Roswell / Architecture

The Wilshire Shopping Center (1964) by Robert Walters in Roswell, New Mexico

The center has a number of sculptures by New Mexican artist, Herb Goldman

Sadly, the Goldman sculpture seen here is no longer there.

Image: Road Arch

Janus (1964-65) sand-cast concrete sculpture by Herb Goldman (1922-2012) 

See more work by Herb, here