Eames / RXR

In 1957, the Eames Office designed the station, rail yard, office, signage, posters, and tickets for the one-fifth scale Griffith Park Railroad. Deborah Sussman from the Eames Office was one of the designers on this project. 

Source: Eames Design by Ray Eames and the Neuharts

Source: Eames: Beautiful Details by The Eames Office and Ammo Books

 Sadly, in 1961 the lease belonging to Sam Bornstein (the operator who hired the Eames Office) was terminated and the new operators altered the design. It was eventually removed entirely. 
Source: Eames Design by Ray Eames and the Neuharts

Source: Eames: Beautiful Details by The Eames Office and Ammo Books

This Eames film, Toccata for Toy Trains, was made the same year as the Griffith Park Railroad project.  Charles loved trains. 

Bonhams / LA

The Dorothy Weiss collection is part of the Bonhams 20th Century sale, which will be happening tomorrow.

Dorothy Weiss (on the left) was a mover and shaker in the art world, as evident in this picture where she's hanging out with Peter Voulkos. 
Source: Bonhams 

Along with the amazing Voulkos pieces seen in the top photo, her collection included pieces by Jun Kaneko, Ruth Duckworth,  Rudy Autio, Viola Frey, the Natzlers, and Philip Cornelius (seen here). 

Ruth Duckworth

Dorothy had some amazing stuff, but she didn't have this one.  This is one of the two Jack Rogers Hopkins chairs in the auction. The piece on the wall is by Robert Arneson. 
Jack Rogers Hopkins from the back.

Jack Rogers Hopkins #2

Cork top Sam Maloof table.

Eames and Nelson

A pair of Evelyn Ackerman mosaics among more Eames and Nelson.

That's Jerry Ackerman giving his seal of approval. He identified them as being later in production (meaning late 50s/early 60s) due to the construction of the frame. That guy remembers everything!

Schindler / Bethlehem Baptist

Bethlehem Baptist Church (1944) by R.M. Schindler
The client was a small AfricanAmerican congregation, which is interesting considering the racial attitudes during this time period.  Not much is known about how the commission came about. This is the only Schindler church that was ever built.  It consists of the main church, a small community center building and an a small older house that was original to the property. 
Source: Architecture of the Sun, by Thomas S. Hines

Faith Build International has taken over the church and has done a lot of clean-up. Their first service was held a week ago. An open house for architect nerds was held the day before their second service. I heard about the event on Steve Wallet's blog.
This is the church in September, 2013.  In 2009 the building was declared a Historic-Cultural Monument per the City of Los Angeles.  The documentation can be found here
Source: Maison Orion

Source: Architecture of the Sun, by Thomas S. Hines

The space above is for the choir.  The contemporary lighting is by Brendan Ravenhill

Source: Architecture of the Sun, by Thomas S. Hines

Pastor Melvin Ashley of the Faith Build International said it was tricky for him to chose which side of the "L" shaped sanctuary to speak to during his first service. 

Pastor Melvin Ashley and Church Administrator Capri Blount answered questions about the church. They were very sweet and plan to do a lot more in terms of restoring this long-neglected architectural landmark.  They said they could use some help with the project, financial or otherwise. 

The original Schindler design included elements that were supposed to be built when the commissioning congregation could afford it. That congregation sold the building in 1975. An outdoor stage, additional buildings, and a second story terrace were never realized.


Lynn G. Fayman / Presentation

May 8th at 6PM: MOPA and Modern San Diego present a deeper look into Lynn G. Fayman: A Colorful Life. A hosted reception will be followed by a discussion about Fayman’s contribution to San Diego art and culture, led by David Hampton, accompanied by a presentation of important and never before seen Fayman works by MOPA’s Assistant Curator Chantel Paul.
Lynn G. Fayman: A Colorful Life runs until May 11th

Fayman photos and Dr. Suess, who knew?

Weekend / Stuff

Smalls and iron

Peter Pepper

Maurice Martine / Tables

Designed and Produced by Maurice Martine

Weston, Byles & Rudolph, Roberts House (1953), Malibu, CA
There's a lot of good stuff in this house: Paul Tuttle for Modern Color, VKG, Kurt Versen, George Nelson, and Martine.
It's hard to see, but there's also a Stan Hawk bowl on the table, under the Versen lamp.  
Source: Julius Shulman

Source: Julius Shulman

Source: Julius Shulman