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Weekend / Stuff

This was my first weekend back out shopping.  It was good! Jack Boyd Jackson Woolley David Cressey bowl and a couple of book stands. This was pretty major. Henry Takemoto Here is my nephew for scale.

Mitla Cafe / Route 66

Lucia Rodriguez opened Mitla Cafe in 1937, on the heels of the great depression. The San Bernardino restaurant is located on a segment of former Route 66.   Segregation was in full effect at this point and west San Bernardino was where Mexicans were restricted to living. Mitla Cafe is where they gathered. It was also where the community organized. Politicians and civic leaders made frequent stops at the restaurant.   In fact, Cesar Chavez was a known regular when he was in town.  They also had their own baseball team. Source: San Bernardino County Sun Source: Route 66 Women 1945 Source: San Bernardino County Sun Besides the signage, it still looks the same.  They also did some redecorating in 1954. Source: San Bernardino County Sun In this photo of Route 66 from the mid 1950s, Mitla is on the left. In addition to being a landmark restaurant and cultural institution, Mitla Cafe is also responsible for something they might n