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The Good Making of Good Things / Craft Horizons Magazine 1941–1979

The Good Making of Good Things: Craft Horizons Magazine 1941–1979
During its nearly 40 years in print, Craft Horizons documented the craft movement as it happened. This exhibition pairs works from ASU Art Museum’s collection that were made by artists featured in the magazine with articles, reviews and letters from readers to illustrate the essential role Craft Horizons played in the development of craft in the United States from 1941–1979.
This exhibition is curated by the 2017 Center for Craft Curatorial Fellows Elizabeth Essner, Lily Kane and Meaghan Roddy and was originally organized by the Center for Craft. It is supported by the Windgate Charitable Foundation as part of the Windgate Contemporary Craft Initiative at ASU Art Museum. 
That was the official description above. The real scoop is that Meaghan, one of the curators, is a good friend and I've been very excited to see this exhibition. So much so, that I jumped the gun a little and saw it before it was fully installed. Be t…

Weekend / Stuff

Jack Boyd
Dick Seeger

Tom Tramel

Warren Bacon Stools
Lamps and a solid rosewood bench
Jute elephant

Weekend / Stuff

Hal Fromhold Hippo
Bruno Gambone and Vic Bracke
Kenji Fujita

Modernica / Props

You know this famous Julius Shulman photo. It's Case Study House 21 by Pierre Koenig.
Source: © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles 
Here is the room looking from the other direction.
Source: © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles 
And here is the Gerald McCabe sofa Pierre Koenig specified for the house. This is the one Koenig had McCabe produce in 1998, when Pierre was restoring the house. The original was damaged at some point.
It is now part of the massive inventory at Modernica Props.
The 65,000 square ft. prop house is located in the former Dolly Madison Bakery in Silverlake. As you can see, it's stacked high.
There are some gems.
Lots of Tropi-Cal
Wes Williams

The BBQ selection is deep.

The Cadillac of grills.