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Doyle Lane / Tomorrow

Doyle Lane : Clay Paintings The Landing at Reform Opening Reception: Thursday, May 1st, 7 pm
Photo: Ben Serar

Reform has unearthed some work by Doyle which has never been on public display. You do not want to miss this!

Modern Originals / Williamson

Modern Originalsby Leslie Williamson In this, her second book, Leslie beautifully photographed the homes and studios of Eurpoean designers such as Le Corbusier, Alvar Aalto, Finn Juhl, and Achille Castiglioni. Le Corbusier
The Carl Auböck workshop 
Achille Castiglioni's home This is not one of those books you flip through once and then stick it on the shelf.  There is so much depth to the photos, be it the custom aspects of the the living spaces, the artifacts on the shelves, or the task of trying to ID all the furniture.  Case in point, the Eames leg splint hanging on the wall and there's an Alvar Aalto brick on the heater.   Gae Aulenti Considering how great her first book (Handcrafted Modernwas, she must have been under a lot of pressure with this sophomore outing. She definitely pulled it off.

LA / Modernism

Los Angeles Modernism was held this past weekend at 3Labs. I caught it on the last day. Inner Gardens and all their massive Architectural Pottery display was front and center. 
Reform had a booth dedicated to the work of Gerald McCabe
McCabe as far as the eye can see
Even a McCabe bed
McCabe rockers
Harrison McIntosh sculpture
The shiny California corner-- Palo Alto chair by Byron Botker and table by McCabe.
Peter Shire
Erik Gronborg cup getting a fill up. 
I did make it out of the Reform booth but the power went out shortly after, so I was only able to get a couple more photos...
Great table at NOHO Modern. They had some cool art too. 
Dharam Damama--always a cool booth and always cool to hang out with.

Weekend / Stuff

Flea market next to the airport = good junk photos
I don't usually buy glass from Holland, but if it's Good Design approved,  it's good enough for me.

Tackett / Thursday

Tackett, Woolley & Dirks Photo by Charles Schneider

Doyle Lane : Clay Paintings / The Landing

Doyle Lane : Clay Paintings The Landing at Reform Opening Reception: Thursday, May 1st, 7 pm "Why not take paintings out of doors where one may sit and watch the changing play of sunshine on the glazes, and thus have changes of mood during the day?" - Doyle Lane via Objects USA 
This is going to be major.

The Architect / Phillips

Greta Grossman, 1953
The Architect, a sale at Phillips, created by Lee Mindel, FAIA
Franco Albini, c. 1940
Junzo Sakakura, 1956
The Japanese section of the 1960 Triennale di Milano, 1960
Jean Prouvé, 1944
 In situ, 1944
Carlo Mollino, 1949
 Mollino light in situ, 1949
Gerrit Thomas Rietveld, 1923/1957

The sale is in London on April 29.   It includes a ridiculous amount of great design by the likes of Juhl, Wright, Aalto, Fuller, Ando, Niemeyer...  See it all here.
All images via Phillips

Lovell Beach House / Schindler

Lovell Beach House (1926) by R.M. Schindler
Source: USC

West Elevation during construction Source: Southern California Art History

Soleri bell on a Schindler!

Weekend / Stuff

Greta Grossman table and Freeman Lederman owl

Tackett / Thursday


Eames / RXR

In 1957, the Eames Office designed the station, rail yard, office, signage, posters, and tickets for the one-fifth scale Griffith Park Railroad. Deborah Sussman from the Eames Office was one of the designers on this project. 
Source: Eames Design by Ray Eames and the Neuharts
Source: Eames: Beautiful Details byThe Eames Office and Ammo Books

 Sadly, in 1961 the lease belonging to Sam Bornstein (the operator who hired the Eames Office) was terminated and the new operators altered the design. It was eventually removed entirely. Source: Eames Design by Ray Eames and the Neuharts

Source: Eames: Beautiful Details byThe Eames Office and Ammo Books

This Eames film, Toccata for Toy Trains, was made the same year as the Griffith Park Railroad project.  Charles loved trains.