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Weekend / Stuff

It's been a while.  George Nelson/Irving Harper/Arthur Umanoff for Howard Miller clocks and desk by Umanoff 

Chula Vista / Moderne

I met my mom for a walk on Mother's Day. She wanted to go to downtown Chula Vista, where we both grew up. There is a surprising amount of good architecture left in the old commercial area. One of the sweetest is this 1939 Streamline Moderne doctor's office.  Apparently this was my doctor's office when I was a baby. McCausland-Robinson Clinic. The office was started by Dr. William McCausland, his son John and Dr. Frank Robinson.  Source: Chula Vista Star The Vogue opened in 1945. Frank Hope Jr. was the architect It closed in 2006 and it seems like every year there is a new plan to bring it back to life.