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DOYLE LANE / Weed Pots

I'm very excited about this one.

David Kordansky Gallery will present Weed Pots, an exhibition of ceramic vessels by Doyle Lane. Curated by artist Ricky Swallow, the show will feature more than five dozen examples of Lane's iconic, small-scale weed pots made between the late 1950s and late 1970s, on loan from collections throughout California.

Weed Pots opens on July 22 and will remain on view through August 29, 2020. David Kordansky Gallery is open to the public, Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. Timed reservations are recommended. To make a reservation and for visiting information, please click here.

Doyle Lane (b. 1925, New Orleans; d. 2002, Los Angeles) is a significant, if underknown, voice in West Coast ceramic sculpture. His delicate vases and rigorous wall murals are expressions of a masterful command of traditional techniques; an innovative, tactile approach to glazing; and a quietly visionary understanding of geometry and three-dimensional form. He worked …

Weekend / Stuff

This was my first weekend back out shopping.  It was good!
Jack Boyd
Jackson Woolley
David Cressey bowl and a couple of book stands.
This was pretty major. Henry Takemoto
Here is my nephew for scale.

Mitla Cafe / Route 66

Lucia Rodriguez opened Mitla Cafe in 1937, on the heels of the great depression. The San Bernardino restaurant is located on a segment of former Route 66.  
Segregation was in full effect at this point and west San Bernardino was where Mexicans were restricted to living. Mitla Cafe is where they gathered.
It was also where the community organized. Politicians and civic leaders made frequent stops at the restaurant.  In fact, Cesar Chavez was a known regular when he was in town. 
They also had their own baseball team.
Source: San Bernardino County Sun
Source: Route 66 Women
Source: San Bernardino County Sun
Besides the signage, it still looks the same. 
They also did some redecorating in 1954.
Source: San Bernardino County Sun
In this photo of Route 66 from the mid 1950s, Mitla is on the left. In addition to being a landmark restaurant and cultural institution, Mitla Cafe is also responsible for something they might not be so proud of. 
Source: Mt. Vernon/ Route 66 Historical Soci…

Weekend / Stuff

It's been a while.  George Nelson/Irving Harper/Arthur Umanoff for Howard Miller clocks and desk by Umanoff 

Chula Vista / Moderne

I met my mom for a walk on Mother's Day. She wanted to go to downtown Chula Vista, where we both grew up. There is a surprising amount of good architecture left in the old commercial area. One of the sweetest is this 1939 Streamline Moderne doctor's office.  Apparently this was my doctor's office when I was a baby.

McCausland-Robinson Clinic. The office was started by Dr. William McCausland, his son John and Dr. Frank Robinson. 
Source: Chula Vista Star

The Vogue opened in 1945.
Frank Hope Jr. was the architect
It closed in 2006 and it seems like every year there is a new plan to bring it back to life.

Studio 111 / House Visit

I've been interested in doing posts on collectors for quite some time. Since I miss seeing friends, it seemed like the perfect time to start it. 
A few months ago I visited my friends Sheila and David (Studio One 11 in Palm Springs) at their mid-century home in Malibu. David is a longtime modern dealer and Sheila collects art. As you can see, David also collects cacti and succulents.

There's Shebird.
David was probably yelling at me to not take his photo. He comes off as a little gruff but you should see him light up when he talks about his cacti.