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Woolley / Dewey

Biblioscosmos by Ellamarie and Jackson Woolley, 1959 at the Fresno County Library "Composition symbolizes the diverse but interlocked fields of knowledge within the Dewey Decimal System of book classification."
Source: Ellamarie Woolley: A Retrospective Exhibition, 1977
000 - Information science & general work

Jessica Davies was nice enough to allow me to use the photos she took of Biblioscosmos.
100 -Philosophy and psychology

Photo: Jessica Davies
300 - Social Sciences

Photo: Jessica Davies
400 - Language
Photo: Jessica Davies
800 - Literature
Photo: Jessica Davies
900 - History, geography & biography
Photo: Jessica Davies
Woolley fish in the 200s.
Photo: Jessica Davies
Photo: Jessica Davies

Arizona / Hallelujah

Catalina American BaptistChurch in Tucson by Architect Charles Cox, 1960 Here is the National Registernomination form for the building.
Not really the "Modern Service" I was looking for.

Rose and Erni Cabat Studio
Tucson is an interesting town
Gladys and David Wright House by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1951 in Phoenix
What's with the missing landscaping? 

The house is under threat of demolition.  You can read the story here. View a slideshow here
Interesting Max Gottschalk rolling chair in use at a gallery in Scottsdale. 
Arizona finds: Eames DTM and Milo Baughman for Pacific Iron coffee table. Brining California Design back to where it belongs.

Arcosanti / A


Clay arcokitty

Ceramics Studio Apse

 The ceramics studio in operation. 
It's good to see connections to Soleri's time at Taliesin West.

Source:Soleri: Architecture as Human Ecology
Ceramic walkway lighting

Soleri / Mesa City to Arcosanti

Soleri: Mesa City to Arcosanti at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
40 ft long Soleri design for Mesa City, 1959 The Mesa City plan is where Soleri began articulating his urban design principles of high density living  that is in harmony with nature.

Soleri has a history of using rolls of butcher paper for his architectural drawings.   There was still a roll of it in his office when I was there last December.
Paolo working on Mesa City at Cosanti Source: Soleri: Architecture as Human Ecology 
Soleri's sketchbook
That's quite a cover...
It looks like he's had it for quite a while. Source: Life Magazine, 1966
1959 Aluminum apse model

Now those are some land use designations
This exhibition ends April 28.