Art Disposal Service / Ceremony

The venue was set.

The crowd gathered at high noon on the Ides of March.

The sound system and commentators were ready.
A specially commissioned piece called Fanfare For Paperwork, by composer Chris Fulford-Brown, made its public debut.

The ceremony will signify a momentous change at the Art Disposal Service.

 With the signing of these documents Dave Hampton has now become the new head of the ADS. 
Bob Matheny will serve as Director Emeritus

A notary public was on hand to authenticate the signing of the contract.

After his 40 year reign, Matheny prepares for his final act as director.

Is that Athena he's holding?  Don't do it Bob!

After Athena was spared, Bob lamented on his struggles at the Art Disposal Service. 
He explained how he couldn't keep up. "The art just kept coming! "

The torch and coat have officially been passed.
Hampton was heard muttering, "Now, let's burn some art!"

Director Hampton addresses the crowd with a lecture on the seriousness of the art problem in today's society.

Hampton plans to hit the ground running and apparently business already looks promising. In a recent report from KPBS, 
Hampton was quoted as saying that a gallery owner has already 'expressed interest.' He added "if people have the 
urge to throw art away, they don’t need to wait for the professionals. 'They should take matters into their own hands,'  
Matheny nodded in agreement and added, “We all have trash cans.” 
Read more at KPBS and the UT.

Here are links to Bob Matheny's blog and website. There is a lot great stuff in there.