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Common Ground / AMOCA

Common Ground: Ceramics in Southern California 1945–1975 American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona
 The pieces in the exhibition are all by artist who had a direct connection to Millard Sheets (1907-1989)
The Otis/Ferus crowd was well represented.
Of course there was a pile of amazing McIntosh pots. The Natzlers, Heinos, Andreson, Beato and the other big names were also there in large numbers,  but what makes this exhibit special is work by some great ceramicists that often get overlooked. 

Joel Edwards

Mac McClain
Elaine Katzer
Good to see Ward Youry from Long Beach in the mix.
Huge Myrton Purkiss This belongs to Gerard O'Brien, Reform
Raul Coronel

The House that Sam Built

The house that Sam built at the house that Henry Huntington built.
That's a good one.
The sit on a Sam Maloof chair ride was popular.
Cork top desk

Karl Benjamin painting above a Maloof settee 

Ellamarie and Jackson Woolley enamel plaque
Woolley box

Kay Sekimachi weavings and bowls
Kay Sekimachi
Ames enamel
PST Tea?
China, Made in USA
The gardens aren't bad either
Bertoia sonambient

Raul Coronel Ceramics


John Lautner

1953 Sunset Book Kinda lame table from a great architect.
2006 Bonhams Auction kitchen island and large light fixture circa 1969 Well, the lamp is cool.
2006 Bonhams Auction
2007 LAMA California Design Auction Looks familiar.

California Designed

California Designed - Exhibition catalog, 1955 Sponsored by the Long Beach Municipal Art Center In collaboration with the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum, San Francisco
325 items- All designed or made in California
Los Angeles Times Home Magazine
Stanley Young- Frank Bros.
Sam Maloof, Ida Dean Grae, John Freeman and Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman 
Sundial table and chairs - Van Keppel Green