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Jack Rogers Hopkins / Exhibition

Jack Rogers Hopkins, California Design Maverick Curated by Katie Nartonis March 1, 2024 - September 28, 2024 Jacobs Education Center Gallery at The Sam + Alfreda Maloof Foundation for Arts The fact that much of this material still exists is credited to this exhibition, which has been in the works for several years. The Hopkins family home in San Diego was destroyed by a fire in 2018. A large amount of the work Jack made for the family was lost. A large number of drawings, notebooks, photos and jewelry pieces were in the possession of the curator at the time and therefore spared from the fire.  Sam Maloof's house in the foothills is a the perfect setting for the exhibition. Hopkins and Sam were both in the sphere of Millard Sheets in Claremont. Sam worked for Sheets until 1949. Then Hopkins studied under Sheets and earned an MFA from Scripps College in 1958. Jack would also go back to teach at Claremont in the summers of 1964 and 1965. After receiving his MFA, Jack moved from Bakers

Weekend / Stuff

Lamps, including  Giuseppe Ostuni for Oluce You know it's a cool lamp if Alexander Girard had one. Malcolm Leland and Ellamarie and Jackson Woolley  Wayne Chapman More Wayne Chapman Bill Lam Log Basket by George Nelson Associates (Irving Harper) for Howard Miller

White Gates / Al Beadle

PENDING DEMOLITION!  Beadle Residence 6, or White Gates, in Phoenix, Arizona  by Al Beadle, 1954 The house sold on  2/23/2024 for $1.7 million. It was a private deal. The new owners didn't waste any time in applying for a demolition permit.  It has not been on the market and hasn't sold since 2005. There have been numerous people who have tried to purchase the house in order to restore it but the former owner wouldn't sell. It's puzzling how someone who just wants the land ended up with it. The former owners purchased the house as a teardown but were convinced to restore it instead. One of the owners is on record saying the house was the "jewel of Phoenix" and whoever she sold the property to would wish to preserve it. That obviously didn't happen. The good folks at Modern Phoenix are working to a sk that the demolition permit be denied. They are asking that emails be sent with  a short statement of opposition to  Source:  Living for