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Watch this Space / Lustig House

Up until recently, there was only one known Alvin Lustig house and that was the June Wayne House.  Now, there's two.  Through the detective work of the house's new owner, Andrew Romano, and the previous owner, Andy Hackman,  there seems to be enough evidence to prove that Lustig designed the above house in Silver Lake  for William H. Thomas, who ended up runningJBL (a company Lustig did design work for).
If it wasn't for Andy, who has been a vanguard in the California Modern arena since before I probably even knew who Charles Eames was, and Andrew, who brings his impressiveresearch skills and obvious passion for Lustig, this major find might have never come to light.  I'm really looking forward to  seeing this story unfold. 
Andrew will be documenting the project here: Lustig House

The Lustig-designed bathroom tiles in the house. 
All images: Lustig House

Tackett / Thursday


Craftsmen / Menagerie

Allied Craftsmen Today at the Mingei The Allied Craftsmen of San Diego have been around in one form or other since the 1940s. This exhibition is sort of an  update to the Mingei's 2011 San Diego's Craft Revolution, which was curated by Dave Hampton. Beginning with  work by a group of artists who were also in Craft Revolution, the exhibit also includes contemporary members of  The Allied Craftsmen. All the work has been created within the last two years.  
Joe Nyiri
Erik Gronborg
Ron Carlson
Kathy Miller 

Soil and clay over rebar, Jennifer Anderson

Josh Herman
Managerie, from the Mingei's permanent collection

The bird on the right is a Shoji Hamada water dropper



Some jackasses have been stealing pieces of copper off theClaire Falkenstein "Three Fires" sculptures at the  Fulton Mall in Fresno. According to Eric at Save the Futlon Mall, the City plans to remove all three sculptures.
This reminds me of what happened in San Francisco, here
Source: Save the Fulton Mall
I hope they figure out how to get the sculpture back where it belongs. 

Weekend / Stuff

Stacking tables/stools by Fran Hosken
Fran Hosken was a Boston-based architect, urban planner, designer, feminist, and social activist.  She studied under Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer at the Harvard School of Design.  With husband James, they founded Hosken Inc., in 1947.  Although their designs were shown in a large list of  publications, and selected for MoMA's Good Design and the Milan Triennale, the company folded in 1951.
Read more about Fran in this article, by Larry Weinberg.
THINK, Published by IBM, 1962 with Harry Bertoia's Modern Man sculpture on the cover.

Balboa Park / SD

Malcolm Leland gates leading to the San Diego Museum of Art sculpture garden.
Is that Claire?
Accelerated Point by Claire Falkenstein

Yeah, it's legit. There's the signature. 
What's not legit is the missing George Rickey sculpture. 
This is what it used to look like. It turns out that they moved it to put in some new grass. I hope it's back soon. 
The Timken Museum of Art- The greatest piece of modern architecture in Balboa Park. Interestingly enough, it doesn't have any modern art it in.


g.colton, a  brand & shop in Los Angeles, does a project it calls Guest Buyers Series.
They ask people who inspire them to go out and buy cool stuff on g.Coltpn's dime. They document  the purchases and half the proceeds go to a charity when the items sell.

In this case, they asked Objects USA to do the shopping and the Museum of California Design is the charity.

Check it our here

David Stewart Ceramic Bowls

Tackett / Thursday

Sharp Tackett for Freeman-Lederman

CicLAvia / Modernists

This weekend is CicLAvia, for Modernists. 
Wilshire Boulevard will be closed to cars, so this is a rare opportunity to explore Wislhire on by foot, bike, skates or  other non-motorized transport. As part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A., CicLAvia offers  The Modernist's Guide to Iconic Wilshire Boulevard.  
Read more about the June 23 CicLAvia here.
Go check out that Malcolm Leland designed fa├žade.
Yes, LACMA is going to rip this down. More here.
You should get off your bike at St. Basil Church to get a closer look at all the Claire Falkenstein work. I did, here.

Weekend / Stuff

And some weekends, the pickings are slim.  Though that is a cool waste basket.
Braun ABW 30 clock by Dietrich Lubs

Eames Pavilion / Henry Ford

Good news- the Henry Ford Museum purchased the Eames World's Fair Pavilion that was in the last LAMA Auction. I can't think of a better place for it to end up. Here's the press release. The post I did on the pavilion is here.
It will be in good company with some great Eames items already in the museum's collection.  The collection includes the Eames fiberglass shell chair on the right from John Wills, the boat builder  who produced the first prototype. Here's another photo of it. Photo: Flickr

Charles Eames / 106

Charles Eames would have been 106 today.