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Eliot Noyes

 Eliot Noyes (1910-1977) designed the IBM Selectric typewriter. Noyes probably doesn't pop into your head when thinking about modern architecture and design heroes — even though he was actually a major figure in the modern design movement.   He defined the NY  MoMA's design program  in the 1940's   —h e  actually created the definition for "Good Design" and produced  some of the most important   exhibitions relating to modern design, like  Organic Design in Home Furnishing .  He also brought Paul Rand and the  Eames (along with several other major figures) to IBM.  He was the father of corporate design identity  in modern America, first  with IBM, then with Westinghouse and Mobil. Basicaly, he was a big deal. Image: Rowe Noyes was heavily influenced by the Bauhaus, which is not surprising since  he studied architecture at Harvard under Bauhaus  founder  Walter Gropius . Josef Albers and Marcel Breuer were also teaching at Harvard during that time.  I

CSH 20 / Neutra

Arts & Architecture Case Study House 20 / Bailey House for Dr. Stuart Bailey  by Richard Neutra,  1 948 There are actually two CSH 20's. The other is the Saul Bass House by Buff and Hensmen, 1958 The house is on a private drive off  Chautauqua Boulevard/ AKA Case Study House Central CSH 8 (Eames House) , 9 (Eames/Saarinen Entenza House) , 20 and 18 (Rodney Walker's West House)  are all neighbors.  All the land once belonged to  Arts & Architecture owner and editor,  John Entenza. He purchased the property in 1945 . Neutra designed two additions to the house, one in 195 0 and the other in 19 58.   Photo: Julius Shulman   Source: Getty Research Institute Photo: Julius Shulman   Source: Getty Research Institute Photo: Julius Shulman   Source: Getty Research Institute Source:  Neutra. Complete Works by Barbara Lamprecht, Julius Shulman, Peter Gössel That's a nice set up: Eames, Alan Gould, Jens Risom.  Part of

George Nelson / 105

George Nelson would have been 105 today. George Nelson presents a history of weapon technology...  Which is also "..a  scathing commentary on the arms race during the Cold War. " It's not really the cheeriest video for his birthday, but interesting nonetheless.

Eames House / CSH 8

Yeah, another Eames House post. You can help support the Eames House at EamesHouse250 More on the house: here , here  and  here

Important Design / Wright

It doesn't get much more important than this, an Eames / Saarinen chair from  the 1940 MoMA Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition, 1940. Image: Wright Detail Image:  Wright Remember this one? Isamu Noguchi IN-22 "rudder" dining set for Herman Miller Image:  Wright Stools Image:  Wright Really, the first time ever?  What about this ? I guess technically that set was in separate lots,  but come on, it's the same exact set. Image:  Wright One of many great Natzlers in the sale. Image:  Wright Here's another. This is a pretty unusual form and glaze for a Natzler. Image:  Wright Frank Lloyd Wright lamp Image:  Wright Marcel Breuer tapestry, for the haus Image:  Wright