1964 World's Fair Kiosk / IBM / Eames

So you have a four stack ESU, a first generation Zenith rocker, a rosewood lounge chair with a rotating ottoman and slip on glides 
and maybe even a prototype of some sort, but I bet, unless you're Vitra, you don't have a piece of Eames architecture in your collection.

This kiosk was designed by Charles and Ray Eames for the IBM Pavilion at the 1964 New York World's Fair and
it's up for sale at the May 19th Los Angeles Modern Art & Design Auction.

 The kiosk was fabricated at DMI, Los Angeles, 1964
Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

This looks like the same one currently up for auction in situ at the World's Fair
Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

This is the design under the center canopy of the kiosk at LAMA.
It's a Ray Eames concept that was photographed by Charles.  This design was also used on a Herman Miller stock certificate.
More about that later.

Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

The kiosks were used as "little theaters" on a terrace among the trees in the IBM Pavilion
Source: NYWF64.com

1964 Photo at the New York World's Fair
Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

1964 Photo at the New York World's Fair
Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

LAMA sold this kiosk in 2006 for $72,000
Image: LAMA

Image: LAMA

It was the one that had IBM's slogan "THINK" under the canopy.
Image: LAMA

It made the cover

Image: Eames Office via LAMA 2006 catalog

The kiosks were all located behind the IBM World's Fair "Egg"

The entire IBM pavilion was designed by Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen Associates.

The Pentagon/Little theaters held puppet-like devices which explained the workings of data processing systems to the "layman."
The puppet shows were titled "Computer Day at Midvale", "The Case of the Elusive Train, 
Or the Plurality of the Singular Green Mustache" and "Cast of Characters."
Image: NYWF64.com

Image: LAMA

Image: LAMA

Robert Staples and Harry Loucks are seen here working on the puppets.
Image: Eames Design, Neuhart

IBM Press release

You can read the entire memo here.

Map of the IBM Pavilion.
Source: Source: NYWF64.com

This video by Daniel Ostroff talks about the Ray and Charles collaboration that resulted in the flower design on the structure that 
was also used as the center image on the Herman Miller stock certificates, shown below.

 Image: Wright

 Eames video / IBM at the Fair (1964)