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Alexander Girard La Fonda del Sol menu Source: ALEXANDER GIRARD
Eames Office Budweiser logo and packaging Source: Eames Design : The work of Charles and Ray Eames
Paul Rand Source: Paul Rand
Paul McCobb wine set  
Kenji Fujita / La Gardo Tackett

Scottsdale / Designer-Craftsmen

With my handy guide, Arizona Designer-Craftsmen: In the Beginning, by Dave Hampton,  I hit the streets of Scottsdale to see the designer-craftsmen sites.

The Kiva Crafts Center was built in 1955 by Lloyd Kiva New. The center was designed by T.S. Montgomery. The center looks much the same as is did in this 1965 image from Arizona Designer-Craftsmen: In the Beginning.
The center was home to studios by some of the top artists, craftsmen and designers from the area.  Dick Seeger had his design  gallery there, as did Charles and Otellie Loloma and of course Lloyd Kiva. 
Lloyd Kiva New and an ad from his shop.  Source: Arizona Designer-Craftsmen: In the Beginning, by Dave Hampton
Lloyd Kiva shop Source: Beyond Buckskin (Great article on Lloyd Kiva New) Source: Life, 1956
The Kiva Crafts Center isn't really the hotbed of Scottsdale craft and design anymore.  The bad 80s sign is unfortunate.
Original mosaic still on the rear building at the Kiva Crafts Center
This is hiding around the back. 
Along with …

Dome House / Soleri & Mills

The Dome House, 1949, in Cave Creek Arizona, by Paolo Soleri and Mark Mills. Both were former apprentices under  Frank Lloyd Wright at Taliesin West.  The house was commissioned by Lenora Woods. The story  goes that after the house was finished Mills got to keep the tools and Soleri got the client's daughter.   Paolo and Lenora Woods' daughter Colly were married from 1949 until her passing in 1982.
It looks very FLW from this angle.

Photo: Julius Shulman
Photo: Julius Shulman
Photo: Julius Shulman
Photo: Julius Shulman
Photo: Julius Shulman

Cosanti / Inside

Paolo in his office. Source: Life Magazine, 1966
The Cosanti office today

Now that's a doorknob.

My friend Daniel at Cosanti gave me a little behind the scenes tour. 
The office is filled with some great examples of sculpture by Soleri.
I want one of these!
Styrofoam sculpture forms under an array of cause bells.