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Rhoda Lopez, Jane and Gordon Martz and Roger Marshall

Ruocco / Nelson Residence

Nelson Residence (1958) by Lloyd Ruocco One of Ruocco's "Garden Villas"

John Dirks did some stereos for Ruocco projects. This might be one. 
Now that's a lock
On top of being in near original condition, it comes with the plans. The house was for sale, but it looks like it might have been purchased.  I hope it lands in good hands.

Weekend / Stuff

Smalls - Robert Maxwell critters, Robert Long for Stuart Barnes lamp and a George Nelson clock
Wood animals by John Dirks
Dirks, Tackett and Woolley

Julius Shulman / Modern San Diego

Keith York at Modern San Diego curated two exhibitions of Julius Shulman's work in San Diego. 
First up is Julius Shulman: Modern La Jolla at The La Jolla Historical Society. The exhibition will be on view until January 19, 2020
The La Jolla Federal Savings and Loans Association (1962)
The lighting fixtures used on the building were designed by Malcolm Leland.

This Henry Hester house is still standing.
Richard Neutra rendering of the Oxley Residence
There is a section of the exhibition dedicated to Edward Killingsworth's Triad houses in La Jolla. It is San Diego's only built contribution to the Arts & Architecture Case Study House program. 

The second exhibition is Julius Shulman: Modern San Diego at the Central Library Art Gallery  in Downtown San Diego.  This exhibition will also be on view until January 19, 2020

Hillcrest North Medical Center (1964) by Deems, Lewis & Partners. The architect who added the disgusting addition to ground floor should have their lic…

Weekend / Stuff

Greta Grossman for Ralph O Smith and La Gardo Tackett for Architectural Pottery
That Good Design label though
Ephemera, Tom Sachs and John Novy
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