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Studio 111 / House Visit

I've been interested in doing posts on collectors for quite some time. Since I miss seeing friends, it seemed like the perfect time to start it.  A few months ago I visited my friends Sheila and David ( Studio One 11 in Palm Springs) at their mid-century home in Malibu. David is a longtime modern dealer and Sheila collects art. As you can see, David also collects cacti and succulents. There's Shebird. David was probably yelling at me to not take his photo. He comes off as a little gruff but you should see him light up when he talks about his cacti.

Alexander Girard / Exhibition

Alexander Girard: A Designer’s Universe  This exhibition, organized by Vitra Design Museum, was on display at the Palm Springs Art Museum during Modernism Week.  It included more than 400 pieces and was so rich and deep. I feel bad for anyone who wasn't able to see it so I'm going to post a ton of images.  When Girard was about 10 years old he created The Republic of Fife, which was part of a larger empire called Celestia. It included urban design layout, maps, flags, costumes, documents and even currency. This imaginary country was created when he was at boarding school in England.  One of the documents he created for Celestia.  In addition to how incredible this project was, the fact that it still exists is remarkable. Girard was obviously a collector, but he kept everything! Terrazzo planters he designed in the 1930s. 1940s furniture and mobile He designed the chair in 1944 Detrola radio, collage and s