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Peter Loughrey / RIP

Peter Loughrey February 20, 1968 - March 16, 2020 It's quite the understatement to say that March has been a very bad month. In addition to a worldwide pandemic, we lost Peter Loughrey. In 1992 he founded Los Angeles Modern Auctions (LAMA) and with his wife Shannon, grew it into an overwhelming successful business. Beyond that, he was incredibly nice and humble. Every time I went to an auction preview, he would spend so much time showing me the lots that he was excited about. To him it was much more than a business. He loved the stuff. After having so many great pieces of  high end design and art go through his hands he would still get excited about an Eames chair. Source: Antique Roadshow Source:  Antique Roadshow Peter invited me over to the  house  he and Shannon had just bought. I flipped out when I saw an Alvin Lustig pillow on his Papa Bear chair. After he saw my excitement, he told me just to take it. I couldn't believe it.  It now sits proudly on m

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John Lautner / Silvertop

Reiner-Burchill Residence, AKA Silvertop by John Lautner (1963) Commissioned by industrialist and engineer Kenneth Reiner and recently restored by Barbara Bestor . Reiner interviewed 40 architects before meeting and almost instantly selecting Lautner. They worked on the project for nearly 10 years. Reiner was deeply involved in every aspect of the design and his company even machined components needed for the innovative design. Nothing stock was used on the house.  The site is comprised of 6 lots and has 360 degree views, including downtown and the most incredible perspective of the Silver Lake reservoir--hence the name Silvertop.   Source: John Lautner, Architect. Edited by Frank Escher Source: John Lautner, Architect. Edited by Frank Escher There's Meaghan and Joel. Bestor Architecture recently completed a "three year rejuvenation and revitalization" of Silvertop.  "In 2014 the new owners commissioned Barbara Bestor, of Bes