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Weekend / Stuff

La Gardo Tackett and Japanese iron bookends
Westinghouse clock with Paul Rand logo 

Tackett / Thursday

En forme de poisson Tackett, Crèateur

Irwin / Reduction

A Robert Irwin groupie poses with the artist after his talk last night at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center at SDSU. She's really an art professor at SDSU, but there was a line of fans waiting to get their pictures taken with Irwin.
Poster for Ferus Gallery's The Studs exhibition, Los Angeles, 1964. The photo on the right is Billy Al Bengston,  Allen Lynch, Robert Irwin, Craig Kauffman, John Altoon, Ed Kienholz, and Ed Moses, Los Angeles, 1958
Some things never change. At 85, Robert Irwin is still a stud (see photo above).
Image: East of Borneo
Untitled, 1961
Irwin's talk focused on his artistic journey of reduction, beginning with his abstract expressionist phase.  The end product would be to get to the point of "pure energy".
Image: Christie's 
Untitled, 1964
The reduction progresses.
Image: Christie's 

Untitled, 1966. Oil, dots on canvas with bowed wood frame
Now the lines are gone and he curves the canvas so the edge drops away out of the viewer's consciou…

Weekend / Stuff

Kipp Stewart and Stewart McDougall Sun Coast for Drexel, 1959
Drexel isn't something I normally pick up, but this line is pretty good. Reform had a really great shelf a while back, here. These get filed under stuff to sell in order to buy other stuff. 
 Antonio Vitali for Creative Playthings
La Gardo Tackett fish for Freeman Lederman These are technically from Monday but I make the rules so I'm counting them. 

Architecture / San Diego

Ullman (now Chavez) Residence by John Mock, 1964 - Mt. Helix It's nice to have friends with cool houses.
The Chavez pad has a few Soleri bells up. They are really in the know. Landscape by Verde Landscape Design
Howard Taylor Residence by Joe Kowalski, 1954 - Del Mar

Unknown - Del Mar
Salk Institute by Louis Kahn, 1962 - La Jolla

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Tackett / Thursday


La Jolla / Architecture & Art

Case Study House 23 / Triad A House by Edward Killingsworth, 1960
B-C A This project is three separate houses, all designed by Killingsworth. Triad parts B and C are next to each other, across the street from A.  Source: Beautiful Homes and Gardens in California
Killingsworth kills it with those reflecting ponds!
Photo: Beautiful Homes and Gardens in California

Photo: Beautiful Homes and Gardens in California
House A looking at B. Photo: Beautiful Homes and Gardens in California
Also in La Jolla, El Pueblo Ribera Courts by Rudolph Schindler, 1923
1923, incredible

This project was designed as 12 vacation units. I guess now it's only 6.
Too bad about the "updating" and that furniture. Photo: The Agency

Neutra / Bond House

The Palm Springs Modern Committee (PS ModCom) hosted a summer architecture tour in San Diego a  couple weeks ago. It included a cocktail party at the Bond House, by Richard Neutra.

The under awning lighting feature is pretty great.
The house has been fortunate.  All the previous owners have taken great care of it. This includes the current owner, Tammy.
It helps to have the original instruction book.
This piece of history is incredible. It details all the hardware, finishes and options, with costs that were offeredin 1960, when  Neutra was designed the house. Flagstone was available, but the Bonds opted not to get it for something like $400. 
Original Neutra rendering that the owner Tammy had restored and framed. 

Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute
These photos were taken before the guest house and pool were built.   Dion Neutra implemented those two elements based off his father's original plans.     Photo: Julius Shulman, Getty Research Institute