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Ken Nack / Michael Arntz Santa Barbara: 1960s - 1980s September 22 - November 3, 2018 Opening Reception: Saturday September 22, 4-8pm More information at The Landing
Monumental Arntz
From the Creative Directors of Daft Punk, JF Chen presents Hervet Manufacturier, a limited edition collection of furniture created by cousins Cedric and Nico Hervet. Each piece is an edition of 12, and made in France, the two Hervet cousins design furniture under meticulous respect for the traditional techniques of carpentry.

Weekend / Stuff

Harrison McIntosh glass vases, both hand-signed and dated 1980 and Timo Sarpaneva "Saturna"
John Follis for Architectural Pottery and a Clay Michie for Knoll lamp
Peter Hvidt for Nissen interlocking tables.  This is the I sold them before I got home photo.
Milo Baughman for Mode Furniture in Los Angeles (1951). This is the first time I've seen this line outside of a few period sources. 
Here is the desk from the group in "canyon brown"

Gump's / Gone

This weekend I picked up a book on window decorating. There were several photos of windows by Gump's of San Francisco, including this one featuring chairs by Van Keppel Green.
After 157 years in business, Gump's is shutting the doors on their San Francisco storefront. Founded in 1861 by the Gump's family, they were established to cater to the new millionaire class resulting from the gold rush. The focus was on luxury and imported items until World War II made it difficult to import from international vendors. At that point, Gump's began looking to domestic artists and craftspeople, such as Edith Heath...

Gump's buyer, Bill Brewer, saw Edith's work on display at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. The contents of the show were consigned to Gump's after the show ended and sold well. Brewer then offered her a space they had been using on Clay St. (no joke) that they had been using to host ceramic workshops. Gump's subsidised the rent on what woul…

Weekend / Stuff

Alvar Aalto stool, George Nelson Chronopak clock, Bill Curry for Design Line pedestal, fire tools and a Japanese lamp. 
Design Line bookends and an interesting Martz covered vessel. 

Herbert T Johnson / Architect

I drive by this building almost once a month and finally stopped to get a closer look.
The East Bay Center for Warehouse Union (1965) was designed by Oakland architect Herbert T Johnson (1909-1989).

The two parabolic arches support the center section of the structure.

The mosaic panels are by Beniamino "Benny" Bufano.

There's also a Bufano inside.
Source: Yelp

It still operates as the Warehouse Union Local 6

I don't know the story on the totem.

Herbert T Johnson was born in Alameda. He worked for Irving F Morrow on the Golden Gate Bridge project, which was completed in 1937. Johnson is credited with designing the original toll plaza. In 1942, he set up his architecture practice in Oakland and continued working on projects in the Bay Area. 
Source: Open SF History
Johnson designed the Leona Lodge in Oakland.
Source: Leona Lodge
He was at it again with the exterior roof supports.
Source: Leona Lodge
Source: Leona Lodge

Johnson designed this single family house in 1952…

Weekend / Stuff

Finn Juhl ice bucket, Roy McMakin table for Domestic, Martz planter and an Arne Norrel chair
Greta Grossman table for Glenn. Yes, there are leaves for it. 
Gerald Thurston for Lightolier "Cricket" lamp
More books
JB Blunk and Espenet ephemera

Gaps in the Record / Dave Hampton

If you haven't seen  Gaps in the Record: Vanguard Print Culture in San Diego, your time is almost up. It closes on September 2nd. 
Gaps in the Record: Vanguard Print Culture in San Diego documents the overlapping literary and visual art practices and independent publishing activity within San Diego’s mid-twentieth century creative community. The exhibition centers on a small group of painters who were also writers: Don Dudley (1930), Guy Williams (1934-2004), Richard Allen Morris (1933), Malcolm McClain (1923-2012), John Baldessari (1931), and Fred Cooper (1939).
Curated by Dave Hampton

The show is deep, so even if you have been, you should probably go back again.