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Ettore Stottsass, Bruno Gambone, Paolo Soleri and Mario Bellini
Kipp Stewart and Stewart MacDougall for Glenn of California
Richard Galef for Ravenware and Tom Tramel

Maurice Martiné / Martines

1937 college humor magazine from USC. The cover drawing is by Maurice Martines, who later changed his name to Maurice Martiné. There has been a bit of mystery on whether or not his name was Martinez, with a "Z" or not. Some speculated he changed it to avoid discrimination of having a hispanic name. It actually turned out to be that he thought Martiné had panache and was more suitable for a designer.

During his studies at USC, Martiné studied under Glen Lukens.  And last month at Bonhams a Lukens bowl from the Martiné estate came up for sale.
His Eames lounge chair and ottoman were also up for grabs.

Weekend / Stuff

Jack Boyd sculpture, a bench and ceramics by Jean Balmer and
Adam Silverman
More desert picking. The Boyd isn't for sale, but the house is...
Kaufmann Desert House by Richard Neutra
Source: Wall Street Journal

Weekend / Stuff

Roy McMakin for Domestic Furniture chest of drawers and nightstands. Alvar Aalto stools, La Gardo Tackett and Dansk rare woods tray. 
Hans Bellmann stool
Desert pickings