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Dragon Rock at Mantitoga / Russel Wright

While in New York I took a trip to visit Dragon Rock, the home and studio of Russel Wright. The house is situated on a 75-acre former quarry and logging property in the Hudson Valley town of Garrison, NY.  Russel and Mary Wright purchased the property in the 1940s. At the time, the Wright-designed American Modern line was the best selling dinnerware in history. The couple spent years working on the design of the house and landscape. They named the property Manitoga "place of great spirit." Sadly, Mary passed away from cancer before the house was built. Photo: MANITOGA / The Russel Wright Design Center Rocks left on the site from the quarry operation were incorporated into both the site and house design. Photo:  MANITOGA  / The Russel Wright Design Center In  Russel & Mary Wright: Dragon Rock at Manitoga  by Jennifer Golub there is a transcript of a 1961 lecture by Russel where he goes into great detail about the planning of the house and land. He discusses the work that