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Colegio La Paz / Tijuana

Colegio La Paz in Tijuana, Mexico. The Catholic pre- and secondary school started in 1943, when Tijuana's population was a mere 50,000 (now it's two million). Construction began in 1953 and it opened in 1959. The campus is located in the HipĆ³dromo neighborhood, adjacent to Chapultepec. The school in 1964.  You might remember it from my post on Harry Crosby's  trip to Tijuana. The school seems to be in amazing condition. Another building on campus.  Hopefully there will be many more posts on modern architecture in Tijuana.  Some past posts can be found here and here . 

Weekend / Stuff

 Luther Conover and Plant Stands. This was actually from the weekend before last. Perfect fit They sure do look like the ones in the Architectural Pottery catalog. Tony Paul wall-mounted bar for Woodlin Hall, Richard Schultz table (that is an original color too) and two John Follis bowl for Architectural Pottery. This is from last weekend. Perfect for the Tony Hall from a few weeks ago.  Perfect timing. The 1952 Raymor ad for the bar.

Doolittle / Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

High Desert House (1993) by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg I did a post about the house in 2014 but as far I was able to get was the front gate.  This time I was able to get inside. The property abuts the Joshua Tree National Park. The front door. John Vugrin is responsible for the interior work. It's unclear how much of the furnishings were spec'd by Kellogg versus what was built in the decades after the initial house construction. Every detail is custom and incredible.