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Weekend / Stuff

Isamu Kenmochi table to match the one I had, although the new one is larger. They nest. Who knew?
Shopping for junk during the holidays is usually rough because people are trying unload all their vintage decorations. In this case it was OK.
 "Merry Chris Mobile" by La Gardo Tackett. Another one for the pile.  Here is what it looks like.

Alexander Calder / Hauser & Wirth

‘Calder: Nonspace’ at Hauser & Wirth Los Angeles
The gallery exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Calder Foundation, consists of mostly monochromatic, abstract sculptures that create volumes out of voids. 

Is that a Calder Christmas tree?

Torres de Satélite / Ciudad Satélite

Torres de Satélite ("Satellite Towers"),  located in Ciudad Satélite, a northern suburb of Mexico City. I stopped on my way back from San Cristobal.

The concept was developed by Luis Barragán and Mathias Goeritz (both pictured), with inspiration from painter Jesús Reyes Ferreira.
Completed in 1958, the monument was a symbol of modernity for Ciudad Satélite, a new upper-middle class master planned community outside of Mexico City.
The plan for Satélite, as it's usually called, was designed by Mario Pani and José Luis Cuevas.
Source: laguiainmobiliaria
The tallest tower is 650 feet.
A photo of the towers is in Luis Barragan's home studio.

Weekend / Stuff

Holiday shopping : (
I did get a tall Harrison McIntosh vase to go with my other two.

Weekend / Stuff

Hans Olsen fireplace, Mel Smilow table, Finn Juhl tray, Ravenware and an Alcoa vase.
Tunsi Girard, Alexander's brother

Yoshihiro Makino / Chandigarh

My friend Yoshi is having an exhibition of his photos and a book signing at JF Chen this Saturday.
The design and art direction of the book is by Tamotsu Yagi. He's a big deal in the design world and has a great collection as well. Yoshi shot some photos of his space here
More on the book:  The Open Hand: Le Corbusier's Chandigarh: A Photographic Essay by Yoshihiro Makino

Bob Matheny / Almost Anonymous

Bob Matheny: Almost Anonymousis the first major survey of the work of San Diego-based artist Bob Matheny. Since the late 1950s Matheny has developed his expansive practice through the lens of many different disciplines and mediums, including graphic design, sculpture, small press printing, painting, writing, photography, curating and performance. Grounded in the formal tenets of modernist design, but mitigated by a healthy dose of Dada irreverence and Duchampian hijinks, Matheny’s diverse body of work is a singular blend of craftsmanship and concept, idea and object, wit and intelligence.

Opening reception: Saturday, December 15, 2018, 4-6 pm
San Diego History Center, Balboa Park

Weekend / Stuff

Stan Hawk garden lantern. 
That's four new Hawk House lanterns! 

Geles Cabrera / El Eco

Geles Cabrera, the first sculptor of Mexico at El Eco in Mexico City. The exhibition was curated by Pedro Reyes
Now 92, Geles had her first show in 1948 and is credited as being the first woman in Mexico to be a professional sculptor. She had an exhibition at this very space in 1957.

More information on the exhibition can be found here

An exhibition by artist Ivan Krassoievitch was located upstairs.

Museo Experimental El Eco was designed by Mathias Goeritz in 1953.