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Weekend / Stuff

The Kaufmann "Desert House" / Richard Neutra, 1946
The Alexander "House of Tomorrow" / William Krisel, 1960 This is also known as the Elvis and Priscilla Presley Honeymoon House
The Miller House / Richard Neutra, 1937
Martha Longenecker ceramic bowl
Barney Reid enamel
Globe lamp from the Elise Wolfe interior by Albert Frey All I need now is a boulder going through the wall.
Frey House II / Albert Frey, 1964 Photo: Darren Bradley

Marvin / Garry

The Landing at Reform
Opening reception: Thursday, Aug. 1st, 7-9:30 PM On display: Aug. 1st - Sept. 14th
Gary Knox Bennett

Victor / Smith

Roland Smith
An Exhibition for Modern Living, 1949



Tackett / Thursday

La Gardo Tackett / China Source: Thanks Anthony!
La Gardo Tackett

Euro / Trash

"Coat Hook by Osvaldo Borsani" Source: 1stDibs
It's really an IKEA product from the mid-90s called the Mina.  Who knew Borsani would go so well with your Billy bookcase?
I emailed the dealer with the listing above a couple weeks ago to let them know, but heard nothing back.
Image: IKEAFANS - Yep, that's a real website.
"Hirondelle side table by Jean Royere"
Source: 1stDibs
Did you know that Royere designed a fish tank too? I've actually seen these fish tanks a number of times at flea markets. No wonder the tables always have new tops.
For some real Royere see this great post on You Have Been Here Sometime
Image: eBay
I feel a little bad about doing posts like this. I know some dealers aren't intentionally trying to deceive people and probably are just going off what they've seen other people list things as. Then again, i think there is also this idea of not wanting  to rock the boat in terms of going against common misattributions, even when they know better.…

Weekend / Stuff

The flea market this weekend was sort of a bust. All the good stuff must of been in this seller's van. I guess getting skunked at the flea is better than having your ride catch on fire--poor guy.
The weekend wasn't a total loss -- I picked up a nice little stack of books. The Paul Laszlo ASID book has been on my list for quite a while.
 Paul Laszlo bomb shelter 
 Complete with a Chemex set up.

Ando / Malibu

I was finally able to check out the new Tadao Ando project in Malibu. The last time I was there it was still under construction- here.
I wonder why the utility lines haven't been undergrounded yet?   I Photoshoped them out on the first image above.   Wires hanging in front of my new Ando house would be driving me nuts!

More on Ando here & here

Tackett / Thursday

La Gardo Tackett and his creatures If you find any of these, please send them my way. They seemed to have wandered off.

Herman Miller / WHY

Irving Harper designs for Herman Miller
These are from an entry at WHY, a new blog-like offering from Herman Miller. 
Source: WHY
Source: WHY
Source: WHY

Grapevine / CA Clay

Nagle - The amazing iridescent glaze on this piece was not captured by my awful cell phone picture. It's pretty incredible.
It's part of Grapevine, at the David Kordansky Gallery Magdalena Suarez Frimkess, Michael Frimkess, John Mason, Ron Nagle, Peter Shire Curated by Ricky Swallow
Nagle, Mason, Shire and Frimkess were all there at the opening. This is not to be missed.
Make sure to check out the back room for some big time old clay.
Peter Voukos
Billy Al Bengston
Ken Price

Weekend / Stuff

Eames LTR
Just the way I like 'em
Eames House of Cards by Tigrett

La Gardo Tackett studio
Tackett fishies

Gerard's / Alexander Girard

I was digging around in the Reform Gallery archives this weekend and came across this announcement for  the opening of Alexander Girard's studio on Fisher Rd. in Grossee Pointe, Michigan.  It's not for sale -- I tried.
Gerard O'Brien has put together an incredible library at Reform.  The LA Times even did a story about it, here.

 This is just incredible

More Girard flyers from Fisher Rd Source: ALEXANDER GIRARDby Todd Oldham & Kiera Coffee
The Fisher Rd space Source: ALEXANDER GIRARDby Todd Oldham & Kiera Coffee
More here