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"Coat Hook by Osvaldo Borsani"
Source: 1stDibs

It's really an IKEA product from the mid-90s called the Mina.
 Who knew Borsani would go so well with your Billy bookcase?

I emailed the dealer with the listing above a couple weeks ago to let them know, but heard nothing back.

Image: IKEAFANS - Yep, that's a real website.

"Hirondelle side table by Jean Royere"

Source: 1stDibs

Did you know that Royere designed a fish tank too?
I've actually seen these fish tanks a number of times at flea markets. No wonder the tables always have new tops.

For some real Royere see this great post on You Have Been Here Sometime

Image: eBay

I feel a little bad about doing posts like this. I know some dealers aren't intentionally trying to deceive people
and probably are just going off what they've seen other people list things as. Then again, i think there is also this idea of not wanting 
to rock the boat in terms of going against common misattributions, even when they know better.   

More misinformation here and here.