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VKG / Tackett

Recurring theme: Tackett fish and VKG That's a good VKG candelabra out there  Photos: Maynard Parker

Textiles / Furniture

Ray Komai Ray Komai chair Source:  Brooklyn Museum Alexander Girard Alexander Girard table Source: Christie's Olga Lee Olga Lee  chair Barney Reid Barney Reid stool with ReidArt fabric Paul McCobb Arbuck by Paul McCobb Source:  Planner, Perimeter, Predictor, Paul McCobb Alexander Calder Alexander Calder chair from his studio   Source: Furniture Erwine and Estelle Laverne Erwine and Estelle Laverne bench for Laverne Originals Source:  Wright20 Angelo Testa Angelo Testa with his weaving covering a Barwa lounge. Source: Design Addict Forum

Tackett / T / K

Tackett Studio Ceramic Kenji Ks and Tackett Ts


  Doug Wheeler: DW 68 VEN MCASD 11  UV neon light and space installation   at  MCASD Sol   LeWitt Margaret Noble: 44th and Landis Richard Long Tanya Aguiniga at Product Porch Doug Johnston at  Product Porch

UCSD / Art & Architecture

Geisel Library, 1970 Architect William Perreira There's Theodor Geisel (Dr Suess) with The Cat in the Hat, right next to his library John Baldessari, READ/WRITE/THINK/DREAM, 2001 Baldessari  s liding glass door at the entrance to the Geisel Library . I guess all Baldessari's can't be winners, or maybe I just don't get it. More about it  here . Do Ho Suh, Fallen Star, 2012 More about it  here . Image: UCSD Bruce Nauman, Vices and Virtues, 1988 This is what it looks like when it's on. More about it  here . Image: UCSD The  Grove Gallery,  1972 A rchitect  Chuck Powers assembled four storage sheds that were later expanded to include a darkroom, kiln and ceramics studio.   Glass kilns at the Grove Gallery / UCSD Crafts Center Glass from the kilns Galbraith Hall, 1965 Architects Deems & Lewis I wonder who did the ceramic relief? Modern San D

Eames Tag / Detroit

My friend  Kristen Gallerneaux Brooks  sent me this Eames tag from the  Packard Motor Car Company plant in Detroit.  It's a screen shot from a film she did called  Get In My Car & Drive: Nowhere in Detroit .  You can watch it here . The plant, designed by  Albert Kahn,  closed in 1956 Image: Single Fire Speed Current state of the Packard plant Image:  metalocus Motor City Image:  metalocus Charles and Ray actually drove Fords for most of there lives, though the last cars they owned were a Jaguar and Mercedes. In 1954 Charles wrote a letter to Henry Ford II about his concern with Ford's selection at the time. The letter says Charles  had  been driving Fords since 1929, and Ford   convertibles since 1941 .   The letter can be found  here .    Image: PBS Charles in his Mercedes Image:   Eames Outtakes: L.A. Unrestrained  (embedded below)  Charles rolling by 901 Washington Blvd/ The Eames Office Image:   Eames Ou