A MUSEUM OF CALIFORNIA DESIGN exhibition at The Autry Museum in Los Angeles

Edith Heath
There are also some great ceramics by Gertrude Natzler, Barbara Wills and many more.

Muriel Coleman
The child's chair was made for Muriel's son and is the only one ever made.

Greta Grossman

Dorothy Schindele for Modern Color

Ray Eames
That leg splint sculpture!

A sample of the Gere Kavanaugh and Evelyn Ackerman pieces

Marilyn Kay Austin for Architectural Pottery

Ellamarie Woolley enamels
One of San Diego's representatives in the exhibit.

Maria Kipp label. There are a number of Kipp pieces in the exhibition. 

Mabel Hutchinson panel detail

Curated by Bill Stern, Executive Director, Museum of California Design

Bill put together a fantastic exhibit and there is a ton more to see. This includes jewelry 
by Arline Fisch, early California arts and craft, graphic design and fashion.  

More information can be found at the MOCAD and Autry websites.
The exhibit runs through January 6, 2013

If you're not already a member of the Museum of California Design, you can do that here.
Thanks for the walk through Bill!