Harry Jackson / Pacifica

Harry Jackson (R) with architect Jon Konigshofer (L).
Jackson was the owner of Jacksons furniture, which was based in Oakland, CA.
He was also the impetus behind the Pacifica design movement.  

"I'd created a program I called PACIFICA in which the living style of the Pacific Ocean basin was contrasted with 
our traditional European ties. This was reflected in architecture, interior furnishings and apparel."
- Harry Jackson
Recollections on Pacifica

Image: Life Magazine, 1951

Image: Life Magazine, 1951

Image: Life Magazine, 1951

Photo shoot for House Beautiful Magazine, with Conover and Muriel Coleman pieces on the set.

Photo: M.Parker, Huntington Library 

1953 Oakland Tribune Jacksons Pacifica ad, with Luther Conover  table and stools.
"Taking its theme from Japanese culture, adapting the restraint of Japanese designs to furnishings for American homes."

Pacifica was the synthesis of Japanese and American concepts of design and arrangement. 
"...guided by a love of nature and natural materials, and by a bold, direct simplicity which is 
high art and functional living.

Source: bunka sai, 1956

1956 Jacksons ad

In 1962 Harry Jackson took Pacifica back to Japan and opened "Jackson's Furniture Corner" in 
the Takashimaya  department store in Tokyo. Shown here is an Isamu Kenmochi basket seating group. 

“Pacifica”, a Chinese Junk Harry Jackson had made for him in Hong Kong in 1960

I had the pleasure of hanging out with Harry Jackson's son, Rich.  He shared quite a few great stories about his 
father's enthusiastic way of living.  Harry was a visionary for sure and though Pacifica, the design movement, was 
around for a relatively short time, it was representative of a lifelong philosophy he had about the value of 
experiencing and understanding other cultures.    

Rich has posted a thorough documentation of Pacifica, which can be found here.  You should also check out the 
Recollections section to get a flavor of what Harry was like.

Image Source: Rich Jackson