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Bauhaus / Dessau

In May I spent some time in Europe. I saw a lot of castles, but this was my favorite.    Bauhaus at Dessau was constructed in 1925-26. It was designed by the founder of the Bauhaus, Walter Gropius and was commissioned and paid for by the city of Dessau.  Bauhaus, shortly after completion. Source: © Lucia Moholy Estate via 99 Percent Invisible For some context of the time period, check out the buildings in the distance. Source: Bauhaus It still operates as a school. There's also a museum and café. The dorms where  junior masters and promising students lived and worked. It's where Marcel Breuer, Josef Albers, Herbert Bayer, Franz Ehrlich, Marianne Brandt, and Anni Albers slept. It is also where a much less important design geek spent the night. I was able to call Bauhaus home for a night. It was so special. Gropius handles are everywhere. In bed at Bauhaus. László Moholy-Nagy Bauhaus ba

Weekend / Stuff

Inco Not a banner weekend on the junk front.

Harwell Hamilton Harris / Hawk House

The Edwin (Stan) Hawk House by Harwell Hamilton Harris (1939) is for sale . Back in 2011 I posted about Stan Hawk's house being the actual Hawk House, of California iron fame. It was nice to actually see inside. Unfortunately none of the iron was left. So I brought my own.   There is a bedroom under the deck seen in the photo above. Those windows are sliders, which open up for a nice breeze. However, it would be quite a drop if you stumbled out of bed in the wrong direction. The Japanese influence is seen throughout the house. It is Silver Lake but I thought t he boho furniture for the staging was a little much. Originally, it was a little more subdued.  What's with that tree brach? The built-in shelving and  soffit  lighting are so good. Stan probably tinkered around with Hawk House designs in this garage.  The view from the driveway is the Howe house by Schindler. It's gettin

Dieter Rams / Wright

On July 12th Wright presents Dieter Rams: The JF Chen Collection at auction. Featuring over 130 works by the seminal designer and his colleagues at Braun and Vitsoe. The items up for sale were exhibited last year at JF Chen. In 1955 Rams began working as an architect at Braun and was chief designer from 1961 until 1995. In the 1960s he designed  a furniture collection for Vitsœ ,   including the 606 universal shelving system and 620 chair series. Dieter's desk. Dieter at home.  Source: Yatzer Coming in just a few months is Rams ,  a documentary portrait of Dieter Rams. P roduced and directed by  Gary Hustwit, of Objectified and Helvetica fame.  Original score and music for Rams is by Brian Eno. Source: Gary Hutswit See all the lots available at  Wright