Richard Saar Ceramics / AMOCA

Curated by Jo Lauria, AMOCA Adjunct Curator

Richard Saar (1924 – 2004)

To be honest, although I know I've seen Saar's work around, it never really registered with me. The only Saar I was familiar with was his ex-wife Betye Saar. They were married from 1952-70. 

After serving in the Coast Guard in World War II, Richard moved to Los Angeles to finish his arts education. In 1949 he started a ceramics business will his brother William. It operated until 1962. This exhibition includes an overview of his work.

Source: Richard Saar 

Early studio production.

Most of the output by Saar Ceramics consisted of production slipware from molds, cast from handmade originals.

The ephemera wall

I know you saw that lantern hanging back there. In the late 1940's Richard went to school with Malcolm Leland at Jepson Art Institute in Los Angeles.

Richard was also associated with The Ackermans

The exhibition runs until September 16th