Karl Kundert Medical Building by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1956
San Luis Obispo, CA

"Flow chart studies of Doctor Kundert's patients were taken, and utilized in the final outcome of the design. These extensive studies started in 1950 and it was not until 1954 that plans for the building were started. In the center of the building is a central island where the receptionist acts similarly to a control tower at an airport, directing traffic. The total construction time of the building was four to five months. It was originally going to be made out of Usonium Block, but the 5an Luis Building Codes would not allow it." Source: usgwarchives.net
The building has been in continuous use as a medical building since it was finished in 1956.
It's really good to see that they're still using a Frank Lloyd Wright table in the waiting room.

The table is similar to this one that came out of the Price Tower in Oklahoma, which was also built in 1956.
It sold at Wright for $25,000 in 2011.
Source: Wright

The back patio, with rain spots on my lens.
If I lived in SLO I'd try really hard to make this the doctor I go to.