Woolley / Dewey

 Biblioscosmos by Ellamarie and Jackson Woolley, 1959 at the Fresno County Library
"Composition symbolizes the diverse but interlocked fields of knowledge within the Dewey Decimal System of book classification."

Source: Ellamarie Woolley: A Retrospective Exhibition, 1977

000 - Information science & general work

Jessica Davies was nice enough to allow me to use the photos she took of Biblioscosmos. 

100 -Philosophy and psychology

Photo: Jessica Davies

300 - Social Sciences

Photo: Jessica Davies

400 - Language

800 - Literature

900 - History, geography & biography

Woolley fish in the 200s.

I actually made it out there and took a few pictures myself.

The front of the library.

A year after this library commission, Ellamarie and Jackson Woolley did another in Whittier, CA. 
You can check that one out here

Ellamarie and Jackson Woolley

Source: Metalsmith